Single parenting

Each time Jody travels for work, I have a renewed appreciation for single parents.

This week was the first time he had to leave for a few days (three to be exact) since I had Julian. I wasn’t looking forward to doing it all with both kids on my own, but I’m happy to report that we managed and even did fairly well. (His being out of town was another reason why my computer time was limited this week.)

I was quite happy and proud of myself for having both kids asleep by 8:30 all three nights. That rarely happens when we are both home! I think the fact that I was able to do dinner around 5 or 5:30 then still have plenty of time for Ava to wind down before bed helped a lot. When Jody is here working, he doesn’t get home until 6 at the earliest, usually more like 6:40, so we tend to eat dinner later than most people, which results in a later bedtime for Ava. (Of course we all got up at around 6:30 this morning which was at least an hour too early for me, but c’est la vie.)

We had some friends over for a playgroup yesterday which helped break up the time a bit. It was very nice for me to get some adult interaction and Ava enjoyed playing with her friends. And the weather has been nice the past few days so we spent a good chunk of time playing in the backyard each day. (Hooray for spring!)

Even though we made it through unscathed, I’m glad Jody only has to travel about once every quarter. I wouldn’t want to do this on a regular basis. And I’m glad I’ll have the weekend with Jody back home now so I can catch up on some Zzzzzzs. 😉

6 thoughts on “Single parenting”

  1. i find i get the kids to bed earlier when hubby is not here too – i think its bc they get bored with me and there isnt that 2nd wind of excitement to play w dada…glad you made it!!

  2. hate it when DH goes away too.

    Tim is playing up a bit too – he’s so bored. I’m planning on some activities this week and I’ll be hassling the kindy about a place for him again too.

  3. Wayne doesn’t get home until 7pm so we don’t eat dinner until around 7:15pm. I hate it. I’d love to have Savannah in bed by 7:30, but it just can’t happen. 8pm is the earliest.

    I’m lucky though, because Wayne doesn’t travel. I just hate his hours. LOL!

  4. Good for you, goin’ it alone and doing so well! My oldest sister has been a single mom of two kids (ages 20 and 15) forEVER!!! – and she’s done an amazing job! Way to get the kids to bed on time. Nice job, Amy!

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