Just thinkin’

I was recently awarded the “Thinking Blogger Award” from Liesl of “Come, Mommy” on Sunday and then again from Eva of “Antropologa” on Monday. Thank you, Liesl and Eva! I am so honored that you have given the award to me and am glad to learn that I have inspired you (and hopefully others) to think. 🙂

I had not heard of the award before Liesl mentioned it, but a quick Google search turned up this post that seems to be the place where it all got started on Feb. 11. The “Thinking Blogger Award” is a meme-based award bestowed upon fellow bloggers who make you think. The participation rules can be found here.

My mission, should I choose to accept it (and I do!), is to pass the award on to five other bloggers who make me think. This was not an easy task for me since pretty much all of the blogs I read are “thinking” blogs. However, I decided to stick with the rules and only choose five blogs, even though I could’ve included many, many more.

Each of these ladies, through their wonderful blogs, have inspired me to think about a wide range of topics – from breastfeeding and lactivism to veganism and environmentalism to self-awareness, spirituality, motivation, and the power of being a woman. They are all very deserving of the Thinking Blogger Award.

Leigh of Mere Mortal Mama
Jennifer of The Lactivist
Christina of Dharma Mom
Amy of A Little Peek Inside
Kleo of Pisces Place

Thank you to all of the bloggers and commenters (without blogs) who inspire me to think and give my brain a workout on a daily basis. You all rock! 🙂