5 quirks

Penny tagged me to share 5 quirks of mine, so here ya go.

1. I’m a bit OCD at times, or at least used to be. I had this thing where I had to add/subtract the numbers on digital clocks. Like if it was 7:34, I’d say in my head – 3+4=7, 4+3=7, 7-3=4, 7-4=3.

2. The toilet paper has to be on the roll so that it comes over the top, not from underneath.

3. I’ve been boycotting McDonald’s for almost 3 years now, though I still crave their French fries and McGriddle breakfast sandwiches from time to time. (I’m certain there’s crack in the fries. 😉 )

4. I love blogging and sharing my thoughts and opinions, but don’t have enough time for it.

5. I used to have a webcam site (not *that* kind of site – there was no nudity) where people could look in on me and Jody (back when we first got together). Told ya I was a “geekgrl.” I’ve been an Internet presence for about 9 years now. Eep!

I am not much for tagging people myself, but please feel free to do the meme if you’d like. Let me know you did it too so I can see just how quirky you are. 😉

4 thoughts on “5 quirks”

  1. Does that “math in the time” mean you are OCD? I’m always figuring out the patterns in phone numbers, and the clock time, but mostly phone numbers. Oh my.

  2. hmmm, maybe just the idea of doing the math doesn’t make me OCD, but i think when you *HAVE* to do the math every time you see a clock where it adds up, then that might? i admit i don’t really know. :oP

  3. I avoid Maccers as much as possible tho’ not quite entirely since sometimes it’s the only thing open when we’re on a road trip (ick).

    Everyone’s quirks are so interesting!

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