busy week ahead

My mom arrived in town tonight to spend the next week plus with us. She hasn’t seen the kiddos since Christmas and, boy, has Julian changed a lot in 3 1/2 months. He can hold his head up, roll over, play in the exersaucer, and eat his toes!

Ava and I had been counting down the days until her arrival for just over a week now. I would tell her “Grandma will be here on Thursday.” And she’d reply, “This Thursday?” Then as the day of her arrival grew closer I’d say, “Grandma will be here in three more days” or “two more days” or “tomorrow,” etc. And she’d say, “this three more days?” or “this two more days?” or “this tomorrow?” hee, hee. I’m not sure she grasps the concept of time just yet. 😉 At any rate, they were both happy to see each other again.

Since my mom will be here to help out with the kids, I have a lot planned for this next week. Now we just need to cross our fingers that Julian warms up to Grandma quickly. 🙂

— We rented a dumpster from the city so Jody and I can properly clean out our garage. Of course we will recycle and freecycle what we can, but some stuff (like stuff that’s been ruined because of the freakin’ mice we had) just needs to go to the dump.
— We’re getting our air ducts cleaned out (finally!). This is only about 6 years overdue. They recommended we do it when we bought our house. Oops!
— I’m hoping to do some painting in the house.
— I have an eye appointment scheduled for myself. I haven’t had my eyes examined since I was pregnant with Ava, so I’m definitely overdue. I am really looking forward to getting some new specs.
— I have a hypnotherapy appointment for myself as well. I’ll likely write more another time about why I’m going, but there’s some thing(s) I feel I need to work on and I’m hoping this will help me. The woman I’m going to see is the same one who taught my Hypnobirthing classes when I was pregnant with Ava. I also saw her during my pregnancy with Julian to do some fear release work (to get rid of some fears I had been carrying around from Ava’s pregnancy and birth).
— I might try to sneak out for a haircut too. I could use a change or a trim at the very least.
— Jody and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on the 20th, and we’re hoping to have a dinner out alone.

And I’ve got some fun stuff for Ava and Julian planned too.
— We’re hoping to go back to visit the goat dairy next week if the weather cooperates.
— And go to the museum for arts and crafts.
— And maybe go to the farm too, again, it will depend on the weather.

I mention the weather because we’re expecting to get several inches of snow (that’s right, SNOW) tonight and tomorrow. Ahh, gotta love it. It’s actually supposed to be back into the 50s and 60s for the weekend though, but then rain is in the forecast for next week, so we’ll see what happens. 🙂

He loves me, he really loves me

Just another reason why I love my husband, Jody. He nominated me for two “blogger’s choice awards” – Best Parenting Blog and Hottest Mommy Blogger. <blush> Isn’t he a sweetie? It’s either that or he’s buttering me up for something. 😉

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