Iā€™m only dreaming

I’ve been having a lot of bizarre dreams lately. Several have involved me leaving Julian somewhere without any expressed breast milk or any way of feeding him. It freaks me out!

In one dream (the first in this series), I left him in a parked car(!) in a parking garage, while I went to an amusement park! After spending a few hours at the park I remembered he was in there and I rushed back to the car to find him crying his head off. I could hear his cries as I tried to get to him. What an awful feeling. I remember thinking in my dream that I had hoped someone called the police so that he was at least being taken care of.

I dreamt last night that I went away to someplace tropical for a night with some friends. I left Julian with my mom. While I was at the resort, I realized that I hadn’t brought a breast pump or anything to store milk in while I was there. And then I realized that I hadn’t left any milk for him at home! I called my mom and could hear Julian crying and it was, again, just awful. I told her I’d leave and be home in 3 hours, but I knew he’d be upset that whole time waiting for me. šŸ™

What’s up with these crazy dreams? Perhaps I have some subconscious fear that I will leave him behind?? Ugh, they leave me feeling so unsettled. I hope I can find a way to stop them from recurring.


I’ve always been a list person. I find that I get much more accomplished when I write/type out a list than if I just try to remember the things need to do in my head. I also feel a greater sense of accomplishment when I can cross things off and visibly see the progress I’ve made.

Tonight Jody and I sat down together and made a list of all of the things we need to work on (or hire someone to work on) both in the yard and in the house before we can think about selling it. And we assigned dates to everything to help us accomplish it all. If we stick to the list, we should have the majority of things done by June.

The list consists of about 20 items including things like having pipes fixed for the sprinkler system and dishwasher (which has been out of commission for over a year now), buying a new dishwasher, cleaning out the garage (we’ve rented a dumpster from the city to help with that), fixing our bathroom (the shower area has water damage), putting window seats in the front windows, decluttering the house (I Freecycled two bags of stuff, plus an old infant carseat today – that’s a start) some painting, and more. It’s quite a lot to get done, but I know that just by putting it all in writing, it will help us focus our efforts and work on it.

Hooray for lists and for moving forward with our plans. šŸ™‚

BSM – 4/2/07 and vote for Julian!

Here’s my best shot from the past week. I love it because it captured Julian enjoying two of his favorite things these days – his thumb and his foot.

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Julian - thumb and foot

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5 quirks

Penny tagged me to share 5 quirks of mine, so here ya go.

1. I’m a bit OCD at times, or at least used to be. I had this thing where I had to add/subtract the numbers on digital clocks. Like if it was 7:34, I’d say in my head – 3+4=7, 4+3=7, 7-3=4, 7-4=3.

2. The toilet paper has to be on the roll so that it comes over the top, not from underneath.

3. I’ve been boycotting McDonald’s for almost 3 years now, though I still crave their French fries and McGriddle breakfast sandwiches from time to time. (I’m certain there’s crack in the fries. šŸ˜‰ )

4. I love blogging and sharing my thoughts and opinions, but don’t have enough time for it.

5. I used to have a webcam site (not *that* kind of site – there was no nudity) where people could look in on me and Jody (back when we first got together). Told ya I was a “geekgrl.” I’ve been an Internet presence for about 9 years now. Eep!

I am not much for tagging people myself, but please feel free to do the meme if you’d like. Let me know you did it too so I can see just how quirky you are. šŸ˜‰