Takin’ it easy

We’ve decided to take it easy and not rush into anything with *the* house. We’ve been talking a lot about it – our likes (the layout, the neighborhood, the yard, the unfinished basement for a possible future photography studio for me), our dislikes (it needs new windows and other updates), and what we’d need to do before we could even move in (put in a dog run or fence).

Since finding out it was on the market last summer and didn’t sell, I don’t feel like we have to rush this. If this is the house for us, it will work out. However, the more I think about it, I’m not sure it is *the* house.

In the meantime, we’ve met with a Realtor who walked through our house and told us some things we need to have fixed or start working on ourselves to prepare it for going on the market. Also, he told us we probably won’t get as much for our house as we would like, since it’s a buyer’s market right now and there are something like 16 other houses in our neighborhood already for sale. Blah. I am excited to get the ball rolling though and to know exactly what we need to fix up so that we can put it up for sale.

June is going to be a super busy, crazy month. Not only are we going to be doing home repairs, boxing up all of our clutter and moving it to a storage unit, we’re also having Ava’s 3rd birthday party and my parents will be staying with us for a week. Thankfully, I know they will be a big help in all of this. It’s just going to be a matter of finding the time to get everything done. Staying up ’til midnight painting, patching nail holes in the walls, putting Liquid Gold on our wood work, and packing up boxes is not my idea of a good time, but it all has to be done.

We’re going to revisit “*the* house” this weekend with our Realtor to look at it with a more critical eye. We’ve also found a couple other homes we want to take a look at, and he’s suggested looking at a few homes in our neighborhood that are already on the market, so we know what the “competition” looks like.

And so we are moving onward and upward. 🙂

A free-spirited weekend

We spent our Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at the annual Boulder Creek Fest. We’ve gone to the fest just about every year that we’ve lived here, with the exception of a couple. I love it for the beauty, the food, the music, the people, the atmosphere, and just the general vibe of the whole thing.

As we were there with the kiddos this year – Ava walking or riding on daddy’s shoulders and Julian riding in the Ergo on me – I couldn’t help but think how fortunate we are to live here and raise our kids in Colorado. Although we don’t live in Boulder and may never be able to afford to, I love visiting it. I love the free-spiritedness (if that’s a word), the liberal attitude, the open-mindedness, the green movement and hippie mentality.

We stopped to listen to two bands play – Kutandara (African marimba music) and Wendy Woo (folksy rock) – and I felt drawn into the music. I had no qualms about dancing in front of the stage with my kids, along with a slew of other people. Ava found her groove and danced up a storm, literally dancing circles around an older girl at one point. 🙂 And Julian patted my chest while I danced to the beat of Kutandara and later, after growing suitably tired from an afternoon at the festival, fell asleep in the Ergo while i swayed to Wendy Woo who, only three weeks postpartum, was belting out song after song. It felt good to be out there dancing in my newly purchased $4.99 hippie skirt with my son strapped to my chest, my daughter playing in the dirt and my husband nearby, without a care in the world. I wish my life was like that more often.

Anyway, it was while we were all out there grooving to the music that I felt so thankful that my life’s path has taken me to this part of the country – where I feel free to be me (most of the time). And where I feel I’ve really grown into my skin and am becoming the person I want to be. *happy sigh* It was a wonderful day.

Jump around

Here’s a short video of Ava in a bouncy castle thingy at the Creek Fest this weekend. Jody and I were both surprised with how easily she jumped around in it. Guess she really is growin’ up. She had a blast.
I haven’t had a chance to write about the Creek Fest yet (all of this house stuff is occupying my brain at present), but will have to soon. We had a great time.

*the* house

What do you do if you find a house that you pretty much fall in love with and want to buy, but you haven’t put your’s on the market yet?

We found one such house yesterday and toured it today and I love it. It was built in the 70s and needs a lot of updating, but it’s on a huge (for this area) lot at just shy of half an acre. It has tons of fruit trees and berry bushes, and loads of perennial flowers. It’s in a nice neighborhood. It’s being sold by the original owner and it’s clean and been well taken care of. I’m sure it won’t last long at all at the price it’s at.

I want this house. I can picture the kids growing up there and playing in the back yard. I admit I was thinking about what room we could set up a birthing pool in if we have another baby in a few years. I even confessed to Jody that I can picture the kids coming home with their own children to celebrate Christmas with us there in 30 years. He told me I’m getting too attached. Am I?

Jody left a voicemail with a Realtor today about getting our house on the market. Even if that happens quickly though, I have my doubts about the likelihood of us getting this house. I am certain it is going to be snatched up fast. If there was any way we could put in an offer and pay for two mortgages, I would go for it, but there’s just no way. And realistically speaking, we need the money we’ll make off of this house to apply towards that one since it costs more than we’d get for ours.

I want to be positive and say “that house is mine” (we’ve already been talking about it as “our house” LOL), but I’m also trying to prepare myself for the chance that it won’t happen.

Anybody have any tips for me/us on what we can do to get our house to sell FAST, FAST, FAST?

BSM – 5/28/07

I don’t have time to go through all of my pictures from the previous week, so my Best Shot Monday picture is a quickie this week. Now that Julian is officially six months old and has shown some interest in foods other than mama’s milk, I mixed up some mashed bananas with breast milk this morning so he could have his first taste of “solids.” I love the expression on his face. Just priceless. 🙂

Julian’s first bananas 5/28/07

I think he actually swallowed a little bit, but most of it got spit out on his bib. However, big sister Ava was more than happy to step in and finish the bowl up before eating her breakfast of pancakes and turkey bacon.

Ava finishes Julian’s bananas 5/28/07

Take a minute to visit Tracey at Picture This to see what she and everyone else is doing for Best Shot Monday. Happy Memorial Day.

Clothes shopping challenged

Apparently I am seriously out of practice when it comes to shopping for clothes for myself. I haven’t bought much in the way of non-maternity clothes for the past 4 years, so today when I set out to find myself some new shirts specifically (I am in major need), I felt lost. I kept picking out shirts that resembled maternity tops, even though I wasn’t in the maternity section. Is that just the style these days or am I subconsciously wishing I was pregnant again?

Anyway, Kohl’s was the first store I went to since I was hoping to score some sweet discounts with a coupon I had. Although I tried on a mess of clothes there, I couldn’t find anything I really liked. Part of it has to do with the fact that I’m holding onto about 10 lbs of baby fat and the other part is because the majority of the clothes were just plain weird. Or perhaps I have no fashion sense. Or maybe shopping at Kohl’s means I have no fashion sense in the first place. I don’t know. It’s late and I’m getting confused.

When I go shopping I tend to look for cute clothes in the juniors department first, because I feel like the women’s department is too “old” (for lack of a better term) for me. Yet I’m sensing more and more that the junior clothes are too “young” for me. And apparently to be a “junior” you have to want your ass crack to hang out of the back of your capris, shorts, jeans, etc. So maybe I am not a junior after all.

I went over to the women’s department and the clothes fit me better (because I *am* a woman), but they weren’t styles I really liked. I felt like everything was business casual, and, as a SAHM, I don’t need business, just casual.

After coming up empty handed after two trips into the fitting room, I decided I’d wasted enough time at Kohl’s and gave up on my discount and headed to the next store. Ross. (For those of you unfamiliar with Ross, it’s a discount store like TJMaxx or Marshall’s. “Designer clothes at less than half the original price” or some such thing. If that doesn’t say fashion sense, I don’t know what does. 😉 Ha.)

Oh, I must also say here that I was doing all of this shopping on my own – sans kids. Jody said he would watch them and I high-tailed it on out of there. Yay me!

Ross is a hit or miss kind of store. Sometimes you get lucky and find a plethora of things. Other times, not so much. You pretty much have to comb through the racks a couple of times to make sure you didn’t miss a buried treasure, so it’s a little time consuming to shop there.

This time I decided to start in the women’s section and hope for the best. As luck would have it, everything I found, except for one item (a skirt) came from women’s. Just like Kohl’s, Ross’s junior section was full of lots of ass cracky kinds of pants and shirts that don’t cover enough of your stomach, er, not enough of *my* stomach.

Today turned out to be a good day for me at Ross though, and I managed to do fairly well. I came away with four shirts and a flowy, hippie-kinda skirt all for $40. I was pleased. I was even happier to use a VISA gift card (that Jody gave me for Christmas) for my purchases. Free clothes! 😉

As I left Ross, I noted that I hadn’t heard from Jody that the kids were wreaking havoc or anything so I decided to swing by Vitamin Cottage on my way home. Unfortunately, I made up for my savings on clothes by spending a pretty penny there, but it’s all worth it. I was happy to see organic romaine lettuce from a local farmer for sale and I picked up a head. It always makes me feel good to support the local farmers and I’m glad Vitamin Cottage gets some of their food from the locals. I also bought some organic bananas and yams because I think we might start giving Julian some food in the near future. He seems about ready. I’m not feeling as ready and neither is Jody (we’re not looking forward to going from sweet smelling breastfed poopy diapers to rank and stinky solid food poopy diapers), but what can we do. 😉 We’ll survive.

All in all it was a pleasant three hours spent out in the world by myself. (I haven’t done that in over six months. I should do it more often.) I got some clothes, I got some food. What more does one need? 😉

Please don’t forget to update your blogroll links to include my new URL – http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com. Thanks for the linky love! 🙂

Welcome to my new home

Welcome to my new home over here at crunchydomesticgoddess.com. I’m hoping I didn’t lose anyone in the move from my old residence at WordPress.

I’m glad to have my own domain (finally) and the freedom to do more things with my blog. To repeat the words of little orphan Annie, “I think I’m gonna like it here.” (Big thanks to Jody for helping me with the move.)

Please be sure to update your links and bookmarks to my new home, sweet home. http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com

If you are scratching your head wondering what in the world that picture is in my header. It’s granola, of course! Granola, crunchy – get it? I thought it was fitting. Anyway, I’ll probably change it to something else once I get sick of looking at it. Edited to add: It’s been three days and I already grew sick of the granola header, so I’ve changed it to something else – a little meez.com pic of moi. 🙂

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. It’s going to be sunny and warm here. Perfect weather for the Boulder Creek Festival, which we plan to attend.

The big project

My in-laws have been visiting us this week, here from Oklahoma. The visit is going well. They are enjoying spending time with Ava and meeting Julian for the first time in person. And Ava is eating up all of the special time with “me-maw.”

Jody took most of the week off from work and he and my father-in-law have been installing wood floor laminate in our dining room. The floor is in now and it looks really nice. The only thing left to do at this point is to put up the new baseboards and, once we move the hutch back in, the room will be pretty much be done. We do need to get some felt pads for under the chair and table legs and I’m thinking about getting an area rug for under the table and to add a bit of color. We’ll see.

I’ll have to post some before and after pictures once it’s all complete. I don’t know who’s idea it was to have carpet in the dining room in the first place, but kids, food and carpet don’t mix.

Despite all the sawing, hammering, etc. that’s gone along with this project, I’m happy to report there were no injuries. Well, no injuries associated with the project. Yesterday Jody was balancing on one foot while he took off his pants, getting ready for a shower. He lost his balance and went to put his other foot down and jammed his middle toe right into the laundry basket. It has since turned purple and we’re pretty sure it’s broken. Ouch. At least he still has all of his appendages.

Julian, 6 months

Julian, 6 months - 5/23/07

May 23, 2007

Dear Julian,

Happy half-birthday, buddy! Today you are six months old.

It is hard for me to believe that six months have already passed since your amazing entrance into the world. And yet, at the same time, it feels like you have been a part of our lives for so very long.

You’ve changed so much in six months. You no longer look like a baby. You look like a little boy.

You smile, flashing us your delicious, darling dimple. You laugh often, especially at your big sister Ava, and more recently, at your favorite stuffed animal – the wolf blanket Aunt Carrie got for you. You sit up by yourself, roll over and are quite the little backwards scooter when you are on your tummy.

You are a very content baby and cry only when something is really bothering you. You recently started making the cutest “bbbbbbb” sound through your lips when you are really tired and trying to go to sleep.

You love to suck on mommy’s chin, chew on daddy’s nose, and grab fistfuls of Ava’s hair.

You drool like crazy and we constantly have a bib on you, but there are no signs of any teeth yet.

You love your mama milk, and, with the exception of a small piece of cracker Ava tried to feed to you a month or so ago, that’s all you’ve had so far to help you grow big and strong. We haven’t been to the doctor lately, but I think you are around 20 lbs.

You recently moved into Ava’s old Marathon convertible car seat (I think it was a bit overdue) and are riding in style and comfort now. And Ava graduated into a Regent car seat.

Julian 2 1/2 weeks old - Dec. 2006 Julian almost 6 months old - May 2007

The one thing that’s remained constant from your birth until now is your big, beautiful blue eyes. I find myself gazing into them often, especially when we are outside and the light reflects brilliantly in them. They amaze and entrance me.

I’m looking forward to watching you continue to grow and learn these next six months, as you approach your first birthday.

Thank you for choosing me as your mama, Julian. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family. I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Julian, 6 months - 5/23/07

I love you,



Two studies need participants

A research study about parenting views and practices

From Research on Mothering:

You are invited to participate in a research study of parenting views and practices. We are interested in understanding what sources parents find useful in their parenting practices, how parents use different parenting information, and what views parents across the country hold regarding parenting issues. We are interested in getting responses from mothers of small children, ages 4 and under.

A research study about home birth

And from A New Look at Home Birth:

Welcome! I hope you will participate in my study about home birth. I am a PhD candidate in American Studies at the University of Iowa, investigating current home birth cultures, with a strong focus on unassisted birth.

There are several different surveys related to home birth and unassisted birth, including surveys for health practitioners, birth attendants, as well as if you’ve had a home birth or unassisted birth, want to share your thoughts on childbirth literature, intuition in birth, sexuality in birth and birthrape. Each survey takes from 15-30 minutes and must be completed before May 27, 2007.

Click on the links above to go to the surveys.