What are we up to? (pics)

Life has been pretty busy around our house lately, but I thought I’d take a break from the more serious topics I’ve been blogging about lately to give you a pictorial update (all taken with the point & shoot).

We had Grandma (my mom) out for a visit in April. I was having camera burnout and, thus, didn’t take many pics, but here are a couple.

Grandma with the kids 4/20/07 Grandma and Ava with the Chia herb garden 4/22/07

And here are my movie stars:

My movie stars 4/20/07

Our family on 4/21/07. Check out Jody’s new specs.:

Our family 4/21/07

And Julian, just being cute:

Julian being cute 4/21/07

Ava with Jody on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” – 4/26/07. Jody was told by one of his coworkers that they took an informal poll and Ava was the cutest kid there that day. 😉 :

Jody and Ava - Take Your Daughter to Work Day 4/26/07

Here’s Ava with her dear friend “Roger” the worm. She named him herself. I had no idea a girl could become so attached to a worm over the span of about 15 minutes. She was carrying it everywhere, then putting it back in the dirt, then getting it back out, then putting it back, getting it out, etc. Then the crisis happened. She dropped Roger in a crack in our steps and thought she couldn’t get him out. I had stepped into the house because Julian woke up and I was just picking him up when I heard her start crying, “Roger!” I thought one of the dogs ate him. I hurried outside to find that he had fallen in the crack and I was easily able to get him out and give him back to a very thankful and relieved little girl. What a heart that kid has.

Ava and Roger the worm 4/27/07

Ava and Roger the worm 4/27/07

My cutiepies playing together on the floor 4/29/07:

Cuties playing on the floor 4/29/07
Julian getting his drink on chewing on daddy’s water bottle. The kid LOVES that thing.

Julian chewing on daddy’s water bottle 4/29/07

This is what happens when mommy tries to go out for a couple hours to help with a fund-raiser for our AP group. Ava falls asleep on the couch. Why can she do this for daddy, but not for mommy? In all fairness Julian had a very hard time with my being gone, so Jody didn’t have an easy night. I ended up leaving after being there for an hour to come home. By then, both kids were asleep. Isn’t that always the way?

Ava napping on the couch 5/1/07

Julian’s first time in the grass – and he liked it! 5/2/07 He’s sitting up on his own kind of well these days. He still topples over occasionally, but it hasn’t upset him yet.

Julian’s first time in the grass 5/2/07

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside, either in our yard or at the park lately. It’s been great and definitely helps break up the monotony of the day. Here are the kids having fun together outside:

The kids 5/2/07

Yep, life is pretty good. 🙂

Holding hands 5/2/07

7 thoughts on “What are we up to? (pics)”

  1. Great pictures : ) Dante loves water bottles, too – he carries them around and pretends to drink out of them.

    We’re spending most of our days outside lately, too. I’ve noticed that we all get a little cranky on rainy days, when we’re stuck indoors!

  2. Did Ava stay with Jody at work all day? If so, what did she do???? I tried to convince Matt to take Gabriel with him when he went to the office (he actually had to go into the office that day by chance), he looked at me like I had two heads!!!

  3. Befriending a worm… attagirl! Roger… that just melted my heart.

    Wonderful photographs, Amy. Your family and the love you all share make(s) my heart sing.


  4. Loved Jody’s new glasses – except for their color, they’re almost the same shape as yours! LOL! Ava’s hair is getting so long and Julian’s a chubba-wubba cutie pie. I just love his Boob Man shirt. 🙂 You gotta keep that one for him as a keepsake.

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