Ricki Lake’s “awesome” vagina

There was a great article on Salon.com yesterday discussing Ricki Lake’s new movie, “The Business of Being Born”:

Ricki Lake’s “awesome” vagina
The actress and former talk show host takes us on a magical mystery tour through natural childbirth in her new documentary.
By Rebecca Traister

Also, someone on Mothering.com posted a link to the whole Ricki Lake segment on “The View” from the other day.

Check them both out! 🙂

One thought on “Ricki Lake’s “awesome” vagina”

  1. Great read on Ricki.

    By the way, laughed my arse off over this line:

    “This isn’t Angelina Jolie traipsing through Kenya with an economist.”


    And this, so utterly ironic:

    “Her mother had smoked throughout her pregnancies and been knocked out for her deliveries. Her father is a pharmacist.”

    You’d think that w/a hubby who deals in/with health would help the wife put the kibosh on the tobacco poisoning. Of course “back in those days,” from what i hear, peeps “didn’t know” what harm could come from smoking while preggers. Still…

    Go, Ricki.

    Loved that story, Amy, thanks!

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