My Mother’s Day

Amy, Ava and Julian - Mother’s Day 2007

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Jody made us breakfast, which I ate while I opened cards from him, the kids and my parents. After the kids had baths, we picked up a yummy spinach salad, some pizza and banana bread pudding from Whole Foods and went to our favorite picnic spot on the Boulder Creek for lunch. The skies looked like they might open up and sprinkle a spring rain on us, but they never did and eventually the clouds cleared a bit. We had a nice relaxing time eating, walking around, playing and breathing in the fresh air.

Ava 5/13/07 Flower child 5/13/07 Julian 5/13/07 Blowin’ raspberries 5/13/07

(Don’t ya just love Ava’s dress? I got it at that big consignment sale for $5!)

After our picnic lunch, we headed over to Pearl Street Mall (an outdoor pedestrian mall) to take our annual Mother’s Day picture in front of the tulips. I’ve had a picture taken there with Ava for the past two years, so, of course, we had to do it again this year and keep up the tradition. 🙂

Mother’s Day 2005 Mommy and Ava – 2005
Mother’s Day 2006 Mommy (pregnant with Julian) and Ava – 2006
Mother’s Day 2007 Mommy, Ava and Julian – 2007

After playing on the mall for a bit – there are some rock gardens that Ava has a blast playing in – we headed home. I made a quick and easy dinner of tacos with Smart Ground and, with the kids in bed, I’m thinking of turning in early and catching some extra Zzzzzzs.

Hope all of you mamas out there enjoyed a nice day!

And Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mom. Thank you for giving me life and helping me become the person I am today. 🙂



5 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day”

  1. Sounds like a lovely day 🙂

    I love the tradition of taking pics by the tulips each year! What sweet memories 🙂 I don’t know why it never occurred to me to take Mother’s Day pics.

    I love Ava’s dress. Good find! And, as always, adorable pics of the kiddos 🙂

  2. OMG that is NOT Julian. WOW Amy he is changing so much too quickly!! Sounds like you had a lovely day!! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day (late sorry).

  3. I love your tulip picture tradition! Happy Mother’s Day to you, too. Hopefully next year I will have a lovely story to share too.

  4. Thank you, Amy, for being a wonderful daughter, a super Mommy, and for giving me two beautiful grandchildren. And, you’re very welcome. I love the pictures and want copies. Thanks for the special card and for calling-glad that you had a great Mother’s Day-you deserved it.

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