Nothing but the truth

A while back, I challenged myself and any bloggers who wanted to participate “to post about a topic of your choosing on your blog with complete honesty. (Maybe it could be a topic that you’ve avoided writing about in the past, but really want to put out there.) Then you can respond to let me know that you posted and I’ll link to everybody’s raw, honest posts.”

So here it is, a list of our honest posts. Thank you to each of you for accepting the challenge, opening yourself up and sharing with the rest of us. I appreciate your honesty.

Caroline of Known Knowns wrote I should be excited

Julie of ChezArtz wrote about The Truth

Heather of Thoughts and Stitches wrote about feeling Kinda sad thinking about things

Heather of A Mama’s Blog wrote about getting Back to reality

Jazz of Finery in Life wrote a Clarification

And then there was my own post – The truth will set you free

If I overlooked anyone’s honesty posts, please let me know and I will add you to the list. Thanks again. 🙂

Here’s to more honest writing from all of us in the future!

4 thoughts on “Nothing but the truth”

  1. i feel like i have so much that i’d like to say on my blog, but i can’t. i soooo can’t! it would be different if i had a completely anonymous blog, but since both sides of the family read our blog (most of whom disagree with our parenting choices), i can’t say anything in the least bit controversial.. i would never hear the end of it!

    the whole lot of them already thinks i’m crazy for having a midwife.. let alone a homebirth! or breastfeeding, or not circ’ing, or co-sleeping, or not vax’ing, etc.

    most of the family knows that we’ve made these choices, but if i were to voice my opinion on WHY we do these things, they’d all view it as a slap in the face type thing. like by making our choices, we were *obviously* judging them for making thier different choices. which i try not to do, but it’s hard.. doesn’t every mother think her way is the right way LOL?!

    anyways, thank goodness for places like MDC where i can voice my “weird” opinions and no one bats an eye 😉

  2. Great idea, off to read these! Things I haven’t written about I’m way too chicken sh*t to do. So I’ll just read everyone elses.

    BTW I think I said before but I love this blog look. I have been searching templates and saw this one and wanted to use it but hate copying. But it’s probably my favorite of all time!

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