The big project

My in-laws have been visiting us this week, here from Oklahoma. The visit is going well. They are enjoying spending time with Ava and meeting Julian for the first time in person. And Ava is eating up all of the special time with “me-maw.”

Jody took most of the week off from work and he and my father-in-law have been installing wood floor laminate in our dining room. The floor is in now and it looks really nice. The only thing left to do at this point is to put up the new baseboards and, once we move the hutch back in, the room will be pretty much be done. We do need to get some felt pads for under the chair and table legs and I’m thinking about getting an area rug for under the table and to add a bit of color. We’ll see.

I’ll have to post some before and after pictures once it’s all complete. I don’t know who’s idea it was to have carpet in the dining room in the first place, but kids, food and carpet don’t mix.

Despite all the sawing, hammering, etc. that’s gone along with this project, I’m happy to report there were no injuries. Well, no injuries associated with the project. Yesterday Jody was balancing on one foot while he took off his pants, getting ready for a shower. He lost his balance and went to put his other foot down and jammed his middle toe right into the laundry basket. It has since turned purple and we’re pretty sure it’s broken. Ouch. At least he still has all of his appendages.

5 thoughts on “The big project”

  1. owie! but glad all appendages are safely still attached 😉
    Yeah – agree with carpet and food together with kids. Some idiot decided to carpet our dining area. Not good.

  2. Poor Jody! There is nothing they can really do either. Hubby broke his big toe good playing sand volleyball (with cement underneath) and he reset it himself (it was at an angle). Hopefully it will heal soon.

    If we had carpet underneath our table it would be RUINED. The carpet in the rest of the house is pretty much toast, but at least it isn’t so horrible. A friend said they were going to replace the carpet underneath their dining room table with nicer carpet…they have a newborn. I strongly suggested tile or wood. They have no idea what they are in for! 😉

  3. Owwwwww! That hurts! (and husbands are hardly known for stoicism… 😉 )

    I’d love to see before and afters! We have carpet in our laundry room/bathroom…carpet in the dining room is even worse!

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