*the* house

What do you do if you find a house that you pretty much fall in love with and want to buy, but you haven’t put your’s on the market yet?

We found one such house yesterday and toured it today and I love it. It was built in the 70s and needs a lot of updating, but it’s on a huge (for this area) lot at just shy of half an acre. It has tons of fruit trees and berry bushes, and loads of perennial flowers. It’s in a nice neighborhood. It’s being sold by the original owner and it’s clean and been well taken care of. I’m sure it won’t last long at all at the price it’s at.

I want this house. I can picture the kids growing up there and playing in the back yard. I admit I was thinking about what room we could set up a birthing pool in if we have another baby in a few years. I even confessed to Jody that I can picture the kids coming home with their own children to celebrate Christmas with us there in 30 years. He told me I’m getting too attached. Am I?

Jody left a voicemail with a Realtor today about getting our house on the market. Even if that happens quickly though, I have my doubts about the likelihood of us getting this house. I am certain it is going to be snatched up fast. If there was any way we could put in an offer and pay for two mortgages, I would go for it, but there’s just no way. And realistically speaking, we need the money we’ll make off of this house to apply towards that one since it costs more than we’d get for ours.

I want to be positive and say “that house is mine” (we’ve already been talking about it as “our house” LOL), but I’m also trying to prepare myself for the chance that it won’t happen.

Anybody have any tips for me/us on what we can do to get our house to sell FAST, FAST, FAST?

BSM – 5/28/07

I don’t have time to go through all of my pictures from the previous week, so my Best Shot Monday picture is a quickie this week. Now that Julian is officially six months old and has shown some interest in foods other than mama’s milk, I mixed up some mashed bananas with breast milk this morning so he could have his first taste of “solids.” I love the expression on his face. Just priceless. 🙂

Julian’s first bananas 5/28/07

I think he actually swallowed a little bit, but most of it got spit out on his bib. However, big sister Ava was more than happy to step in and finish the bowl up before eating her breakfast of pancakes and turkey bacon.

Ava finishes Julian’s bananas 5/28/07

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