BSM – 5/28/07

I don’t have time to go through all of my pictures from the previous week, so my Best Shot Monday picture is a quickie this week. Now that Julian is officially six months old and has shown some interest in foods other than mama’s milk, I mixed up some mashed bananas with breast milk this morning so he could have his first taste of “solids.” I love the expression on his face. Just priceless. 🙂

Julian’s first bananas 5/28/07

I think he actually swallowed a little bit, but most of it got spit out on his bib. However, big sister Ava was more than happy to step in and finish the bowl up before eating her breakfast of pancakes and turkey bacon.

Ava finishes Julian’s bananas 5/28/07

Take a minute to visit Tracey at Picture This to see what she and everyone else is doing for Best Shot Monday. Happy Memorial Day.

11 thoughts on “BSM – 5/28/07”

  1. OMG, I love both of their expressions. J’s face is speaking volumes, and Ava’s eyes are beautiful and definitely are eyes that talk. Great shots.

  2. Congrats on your very own domain!

    Great pictures! I like color and composition, but it’s those expressions that really make the shots. It’s a good thing you have Ava around to finish up Julian’s leftovers. :o)

  3. Fab website! I’m loving it!
    Oh boy, these photos are too, too sweet. Their expressions in both of them are of pure bliss and joy.

  4. love the pics! i was wondering if you had started solids ; ) defne is also showing interest to our food but we’ll wait a couple of weeks.hugs!

  5. LOL How cute! My youngest is almost a year (in 2 weeks! gulp!) and still isn’t much for solids. But then he still nurses like a newborn all day so I guess he’s got the good stuff. LOL Still I love the faces!

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