Busy as a bee

I’ve been busy as a bee these past few days, as well as fighting a cold or allergies (I can’t determine which so I’m not currently pumping for the milk bank), and thus not spending much time on the computer.

This weekend we saw a few houses and fell in love with a different one. 😉 It’s actually in MUCH better shape than our last home love affair, and cheaper. However, we’re not going to act on anything until our house is at least on the market. That’s our big priority now.

We also attended a birthday party, and I started cleaning out our basement. I took a bunch of cardboard to the recycling center and got some of our boxes out of storage in hopes of boxing up some of our stuff soon.
Today, our upstairs shower was gutted, uncovering a bunch of mold. 🙁 I sprayed it with bleach to kill it and it’s airing out for the night. The tilers will return tomorrow to put up the drywall and tile and we’ll have a nice new (hole-less) shower again. Woohoo!

Also today I called around for prices on storage units and am trying to find a new dentist that doesn’t use amalgam fillings. (More on that later.) And I used “Liquid Gold” on some of our woodwork and was AMAZED at how well it cleans it up. That stuff is awesome.

Tomorrow is Ava’s first day of “preschool” at a local farm, though it’s actually more like a summer enrichment program. In any event, it’s her first venture into any sort of organized child care. We bought her a lunch box this weekend and she’s quite excited to go. It will be hard to leave my girl to someone else’s care tomorrow, but I know it will be good for both of us. I’m excited for her and know she’s going to have a great time. I only wish I could spend one morning a week hanging out on a farm as well. 😉

I’m off to go pack her lunch now and get myself to bed.  Cheers.

8 thoughts on “Busy as a bee”

  1. Well good luck house hunting and making yours sell ready!

    Hope your daughter’s first day goes well… I’m sure she will love it and have a blast. It’s a nice break for you!

  2. aww, I hope Ava enjoys herself today!! How exciting! Sounds like a great place. 🙂 Good luck with the house. Once you get it all fixed up, you won’t want to sell…LOL!

  3. Good luck today!

    I am living vicariously through you with this house thing. You’re allowing me to dream 🙂

  4. Wow – sounds like a productive day!
    I hope Ava enjoys the farm program. It is so hard to leave them with someone else for the first time. Actually, it’s hard for me every time, but it’s all part of growing up – her and me both.
    Feel better.

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