best. rattle. ever.

Last night we had to say goodbye to the best rattle ever, when Aunt Carrie accidentally stepped on it, causing it’s demise.

The little yellow plastic telephone rattle was over 30 years old. It was mine as a baby, then my brother’s, then my sister’s. My mom saved it and gave it to me for Ava when she was born. Ava loved that rattle and so did Julian. It was the perfect size for little hands and little mouths.

Exhibit A – Baby Ava enjoying the rattle:

Ava with mommy’s old rattle 11/4/04 Ava loving her rattle 4/28/05

I looked through all of my pictures of Julian today and was bummed to discover what I suspected to be true – I never got a picture with him playing with it. Maybe there’s one hiding out there somewhere. Mom? Carrie? Either of you have one?

Edited on 6/9/07 to add: I found a picture of Julian with the rattle! Woohoo! 

3/15/07 - Julian and the phone rattle

Here’s the rattle carnage.

RIP rattle

RIP dear rattle. RIP.

Not long after the rattle was demolished accidentally broken, Jody hit the ‘net to see if he could track down a replacement on Ebay. He didn’t find anything there, but he did come across these wicked cool wooden rattles that are pretty much the same shape, and, judging by the pictures of the babies on the site, look to be enjoyed equally as well.

Wooden rattle

So I think we’ll cough up the (gulp) $20 for one of those. It should last forever and would be a cool replacement to pass down through future generations. 🙂

For all the grief we gave you about breaking it and as sad as I am to see that rattle go, Carrie, maybe the change to something new won’t be so bad after all. 😉