“What did you do with my wife?”

“Who are you and what did you do with my wife?” was the question posed to me by Jody after I told him that Ava was the first child dropped off at the farm summer camp this morning. You read that right – the FIRST child dropped off. Me, amygeekgrl, who is notoriously late (see my 8 things post), somehow managed to get to the farm this morning BEFORE any other parents. And we (Ava, Julian and I) were all dressed and even presentable. Ava had her lunch AND her ziploc bag full of table scraps to make pig slop! I even had my camera in hand just in case any photo ops presented themselves.

I’m still scratching my head wondering how I pulled that off. Actually, I think it has something to do with telling myself we HAVE to leave by 9 a.m. to get there by 9:30. That way, even when we don’t leave until 9:10 or 9:15, we still can get there on time, and, apparently even a few minutes early! Amazing.

I was pretty excited about the table scraps Ava got to take for the pigs today too. I’ve had this 3 lb. bag of organic apples sitting in my crisper for over a month now. The apples (unsure of the variety) were too tart to eat as is, but I kept them around, hating to waste them and thinking I’d do something with them “someday.” Someday arrived this weekend, when I finally decided to peel, core, chop them and make them into apple crisp. It was damn tasty. Of course then I was left with a bunch of apple peels and cores which I started to throw in the trash (I know, we need to start using our composter), when I remembered Ava needed food for the pigs. So I put them in a bag and into the fridge (didn’t know if pigs could eat them if they sat out. I’d hate to be the one who gave the pigs food poisoning). I told the director at the farm this morning that I wish I could bring our table scraps every week. She just laughed. Apparently she didn’t realize I was totally serious.

Ava had a good time again today – making slop for the pigs, making a pig mask and painting a paper pig, among other things. When I went to pick her up today I had her show me her little square of the garden all of the kids planted last week. Nothing sprouting yet, but maybe in another week since we are getting rain again.

Oh, and she didn’t tell me, “I don’t want to be picked up” when I showed up today either, though I was met with a sad face. She had been spouting off animal sounds to her teacher as she read a farm book to Ava and the other kids waiting to be picked up. I walked up to hear her oinking enthusiastically. 🙂

It was pretty cute when after we got home today I took off her shoes and out rolled some corn. Guess who’d been feeding and petting the cows? 😉 My little farmer.

Oh, and just for the record, I was a couple of minutes early picking her up too! Maybe having two kids will actually help me be on time more often. Ha ha ha ha ha. Who am I kidding?

5 thoughts on ““What did you do with my wife?””

  1. That’s cute! I am usually on time for everything – however – as of recently I have started to see a decline in my prompt arrivals… I think it’s just a minor set back and hope to be back on the – on-time track soon!

  2. Isn’t that amazing, when you manage to get to a place not only on time, but *early?* I was like that with the music classes- told my self I had to leave by 9:20, even though they didn’t start till 9:45, and it was 5 minutes away. Many mornings we were the first ones there, and it was nice, not being rushed, feeling like I was late.

    Glad Ava is enjoying the farm. 🙂

  3. Good for you! When Meghan started preschool last fall, I was horrified to learn that she was due to school at 8:30 in the morning. I thought, “That’s insane. We’ll never make it.” But we did – it just took a little planning and the desire to get to my spot at the local coffee shop as quickly as possibly (insert sheepish smile here).
    So glad Ava’s enjoying her farm days – good stuff!

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