All aboard the crazy train

Let’s see how much stuff I can pack into five days, shall we?

First, on Wednesday, get filling in tooth. Translation: spend most of the morning psyching myself up to go through with the filling, only to have my heart start racing like mad anyway when I was finally sitting in the chair and he was about to drill. Despite that the dentist was, in fact, a hottie, having my tooth drilled still hurt. I was so busy trying to find my happy place while staring intently at one spot on the ceiling that he could’ve looked like Frankenstein’s monster for all I cared. It was not my idea of a good time. In fact, I’d happily take natural pain med-free childbirth over a filling any day. Seriously. Apparently I’m a big wimp when it comes to dental work.

Secondly, on Thursday, have parents fly in from MI to stay with us (in mid- to upper-90 degree heat* with no A/C) for 6 days. Translation: clean the house the night before and then plan to sweat our selves silly.

Thirdly, on Friday, celebrate Ava’s 3rd birthday! Woot! 🙂 Translation: plan a fun-filled day for Ava, complete with favorite foods and a birthday cake. And write a letter to Ava to sum up the past year (something I do for her on every birthday). (Still working on all of that.)

Fourthly, on Saturday, throw a birthday party (in 94 degree heat) for Ava and friends at a local park. Translation: drive self crazy trying to get everything ready for the party. (I still have a bunch of things I need to buy.) Oh, and more sweating.

Fifthly, on Sunday, plan to attend the National Mile High Breastfeeding Celebration to participate in breaking the national record for the most women breastfeeding in one place. Also, plan to blog about it at a later date and take pictures to share on my blog and possibly with other bloggers. Did I mention it’s supposed to be 98 degrees that day?! Translation: pack family in the car to drive an hour to Denver, nurse Julian at the appointed time while sweating my butt off, pack family back into car for an hour drive back home. Nah, I’m sure we will hang out and have a good time. I just wish it wasn’t going to be 98 degrees.

Sixthly, also on Sunday, plan to attend sister’s “I graduated from law school” party. Translation: even more sweating to ensue, but this time with free food. 🙂

Whew! Is that all? Yes, that’s all. Are you sensing a theme?

Any one of those things by itself in a week would be all fine and good (preferably with cooler temps), but to try to do all of them in the span of five days qualifies me for the crazy award. If I’m not blogging the next few days, you’ll know why. I’ll be on the crazy train. Sweating. 😉

*Jody and I finally got around to watching Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” the other night. It’s only been sitting on our entertainment center for a month now. I plan to blog about it another time, but can you say “global warming?”

8 thoughts on “All aboard the crazy train”

  1. Oh, come on….only 98 degrees? It was 115 here in Phoenix today. 🙂 Out here 98 degrees is a “cold front.” LOL!

    Seriously, though, that sucks…especially with no a/c.

    Sorry to hear about the tooth! I had my first filling a few months ago too….and I’ve been a mad flosser ever since. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to Ava!!! I have to tell you, too, that I had a dream last night that I was at your house for a kids’ birthday party – and that was before I read this post – weird, huh?

    There were tons of kids there, and the best part – you had a huge (I’m talking Olympic-size) indoor pool! I think it’s hysterical that bloggers – people I’ve never even met in person – make it into my dreams!

  3. I have Inconvenient Truth DVRed. Maybe I should watch it one of these years 😉

    Sounds incredibly hectic and sweaty 🙂 Have fun!

  4. oooer- one of those weeks. Hope it all goes well and you don’t melt into a pool of ghee like the celebrated tiger story of un-PC fame.

    Oh yeah – I would MUCH rather give birth again than have to deal with tooth pain too!

  5. Awww, man. If I weren’t sick Evan and I would join you tomorrow!

    on a completely different topic, I was wondering if you could email me with the name of the farm you and Ava go to all the time? I’m looking for some fun activities we can do with her and my parents.

    I have to get a cavity filled in a month, I am so not looking forward to it jsut becasue I hate novacaine and since I’ve started using homeopathics, I know it messes with that too….

    p.s. I love inconvenient truth. I gave it to our whole family as gifts so they would watch it and hopefully start making some changes even if they are small!

  6. wow- the theme in the blog momma world is busy,fun,crazy summer. I usually try to pace myself,spread things out but man….things just keep coming up that are family,important stuff. Yikes all good but I am tired and it is just the start of summer. This week I am palnning ,stay at home,swim,rest. have a good week!

  7. Wow, you are one busy women! I wish I was more involved in promoting breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of the few things that I am very passionate about.

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