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Attachment Parenting International is currently trying to raise a lot of funds and to do this they are having an online auction – API’s online auction – which began today, June 29, and will run through July 21.

DONATIONS for the auction ARE NEEDED.

I’m working on behalf of our local CO API chapter to help find donations (which is part of the reason I haven’t been blogging much the past few days). If you make or sell something or just have something you’d like to donate (this can be just about anything and does NOT have to be AP-specific – clothing, books, jewelry, gift certificates, outdoor equipment, timeshare weeks, candles, collectibles, art, etc.) or know someone who does and would like to donate to API’s fundraiser, please email me for more info – – or just go directly to the auction link above and add your item(s).

When you donate an item to API’s auction, you are encouraged to include a link to your business website, thereby promoting your brand and product to a target audience of nearly 4,500 API supporters! And that number will grow exponentially, since participants will be encouraged to forward e-mails and invite friends and families to participate in the auction.

We can accept donations throughout the course of the auction, however, the sooner you sign on, the more promotion you’ll enjoy as a generous item donor.

Thanks so much for your consideration. 🙂

I’ve donated a shirt from my store (and plan to donate at least one more), and so far I’ve got commitments for donations from Elizabeth Pantley (author of the No-Cry … Solution books), The Lactivist, Peek-a-Boo B Nursing Covers, and Blessed Nest. My mom has also offered to make a few toddler sun-dresses and taggies to donate. And a few friends and fellow AP-mamas have donated items from their businesses as well – Eesti Slings and Little Pumpkin, Sweet Pea Designs.

I’m very excited about the amount of different items available on the auction so far and hope to find even more great products to offer in the next week or so.

Oh, and don’t forget to bid on items yourself – API’s online auction! The proceeds go to a great cause. 🙂

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could reach every parent who wants to learn more, touch every child’s life, and educate a variety of care providers about the sound research on Attachment Parenting? We can make even greater strides in creating a Peaceful World for all of our children if we work on this campaign together. Please be a part of our vision; API can’t accomplish its goals without your help and support.”

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Donations needed for API online auction”

  1. WOW!! I had no idea you were able to get so many donations. How nice of you, and I am sure API appreciates it.

    I LOVE that the shirt from your shop is currently the item with the highest bid. 🙂

  2. In the past three days, I’ve actually sent emails out to about 30 people/businesses now. I’m glad that some are coming through with donations and hope to get a few more.
    Thanks. I’m pretty excited that my shirt is doing so well too. Hope it brings in some good money for the cause. 🙂

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