What a difference a day makes (pics and a video)

A month or so ago I wrote about how we had decided to try Julian on solids. After a few days of it and him showing no interest in actually eating the food (he kept spitting it out or gagging) and having green poop after ingesting a tiny bit of avocado, I decided we should hold off on food for him for a while.

A month past and when we were at my friend’s farewell party this weekend, he kept trying to grab a banana out of Jody’s hand. I told Jody to let him have it and see what he did with it. Well, he loved it – both squishing it between his fingers and eating it. That seemed like a pretty clear sign to me that he was ready to try solids again.

While I made nearly all of Ava’s baby food myself, I don’t feel like I have the time or energy to do that this time around. I may do some things, but not to the extent that I did it with Ava. So when I went to Vitamin Cottage on Sunday evening, I picked up a couple jars of Earth’s Best Organic carrots, peas, and winter squash. I figured we’d give those a try before I bought or attempted to make any more.

Monday night, he enthusiastically ate about half a jar of carrots. Tonight he happily ate the other half. Yes, I definitely feel he is now ready for solids.

I’m glad that I waited another month and didn’t push it just because he was 6 months old and “that’s when babies should be eating foods.” I followed his cues and waited until he let us know – “Hey, mom and dad, I want some food.” 🙂

Anyway, back to my real motivation for writing this post. And that is, what a difference a day makes regarding what is now coming out of this boy! I think he pooped pureed carrots tonight. I’m going to miss those sweet-smelling, easy-to-clean breast-fed poopies. They are now a thing of the past.

And now, some pics (of him eating, not of his diapers 😉 ) and a video of the future drummer:
Julian and the banana - before
Julian and the banana - after
“What? I can’t hear you. I have some banana in my ear.”

Enjoying some carrots 7/3/07:
Julian loving his carrots 7/3/07

The little drummer boy video (aka Julian smacking his booster seat) 7/1/07:
Click here to watch it.

Oh, and don’t mind Jody’s elbow that’s in most of the video, and Ava saying, “I need to go pee” in the middle of it. If I waited for the perfect opportunity to tape my kids, it would never happen. 😉

I can’t figure out how to embed the video in my blog without it royally screwing up my layout. Maybe I’ll mess with it more another time.

11 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes (pics and a video)”

  1. Amy,

    Glad your boy is showing interest on his own! With our son solids came easily for him at 6 months and in no time he was an eating machine – our daughter though becuase of many a reason didn’t start simple solids until almost 10 months – we did try earlier but we had to stop.

    Good for you for listening to his cues and not going by what society calls standards – every child is diffrent and has very different needs.

    I don’t blame you for not making your own babyfood this time around – that’s quite a bit of work. I didn’t with my son and with my daughter for the first bit I had no choice and it was quite the task.

  2. Oh I so agree with you that just because a baby is 6 mos. they still may not be ready for food. My 2nd child rejected solids until about 11 mos. I started to worry because I had planned to breastfeed for 12 mos. And I wondered how I was supposed to wean him if he was not eating yet. Then, my LLL Leader at the time (I was not a Leader yet) told me not to worry that he could thrive on Breastmilk for up to 18 mos with no other foods. Plus my kids are really late teethers as well. So, I waited and right before he turned a year he totally started eating everything in sight. What really worries me is the people that start feeding their babies at 4 mos. because the PEd tells them to, even though baby is not ready. 🙁

  3. I always heard you were never suppose to give a baby fresh fruit until their second summer, do bananas not count?

  4. Lydia showed us she was ready by reaching out for food and vocalizing when it came close to her. 😉 Incidentally it was younger for us. But every kid is different.

    I mainly make my own food but there are 2 good organic frozen food sources here – Green Monkey and Stages – that I occasionally buy for convenience. I make up a big lot on a Monday night while doing the family dinner and freeze it. It sees me through to the next week.

    Never heard of raw banana being a no-no! Some fruits are softer cooked of course but bananas are the ultimate convenience food for all ages.

  5. My son rejected solids at 6 months as well. Eating is messy enough when they actually WANT the food but when they don’t want it… I figured there was no reason to make him cry and fight with him when he could just have breastmilk, so I waited. I was traveling a lot anyway and breastmilk is so much easier than solids. I tried at 6.5 months, 7 months and then at 7.5 months he finally inhaled a jar of sweet potatoes. Still, he rejected fruits. It wasn’t until 8 months that I gave him solids everyday and by 9 months when he got he first teeth he started eating everything.

    Waiting until your child is ready is definitely the way to go. Hearing that little “ooh ooh” sound as he gets ready for the next bite is much more fun than when he was turning his face and blowing raspberries.

  6. So cute! I love your instincts. He was grabbing it, you let him try it… and he seemed to really enjoy it. Even as a conditioner! Thanks for sharing the pictures/stories. Donna

  7. Yay, Julien!

    It is funny that you aren’t as into making food this time. I didn’t make any food for my first and for my second I made all of her food. 🙂 Of course Kai was a hard colicky baby and my girl was so easy. I actually felt like I had the time with her!

  8. Go, Julian!!

    This process was hard for my w/ my first bc he didn’t really want solids until 14 mos and I’d never done it before so I kept offering and offering and offering….and I had no idea what I was doing! This is one of the reasons 2nd kids are easier!

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