The great money fiasco of ’07

Between all the hub-bub surrounding Ava’s birthday and having my parents staying with us for several days, I didn’t have time to keep up-to-date on our checkbook ledger. So when I went to pay some bills last week, I just assumed we had the money to cover them all – even a large credit card bill which contained expenses from Jody’s last work-related trip and a deposit on the work done on our bathroom shower. Because I was expecting Jody to receive an expense check to cover most of that, I went ahead and paid it off in full.

When I was able to update our ledger a day or two later, I discovered we did NOT have the money to pay that and still cover other bills and living expenses. Still, I was expecting Jody to get his expense check soon and figured if he didn’t, I’d just transfer some money from savings to cover it until he got paid. So what did I do then? I mailed our mortgage. Why? I’m not quite sure. It can be received up until the 14th of the month and not be counted as late, so I easily could have held onto it for another week. I guess I felt I needed more drama in my life. 😉 Ha.

We found out the expense check payment was still a few days out, and now, with the mortgage pending in addition to the credit card payment, we needed the money ASAP, so Jody attempted to transfer some money from savings. However, it wouldn’t be that simple. Back in February we moved our money from a traditional savings account to a savings account with ING Direct, giving us a much better interest rate. We soon discovered that we never set it up completely. Apparently, I never called in to verify some information which would grant us access to our money. Oops.

So I called to do the verification, figuring I’d be able to then transfer the money and all would be well. Not so. Apparently they mailed me a PIN back in February that I either promptly recycled or disregarded, because I had no idea what it was. Without the PIN there was no way I could complete the verification process, so basically we were being protected from ourselves and not granted access to our money. SH*T!

The only option was to have them mail me a new PIN which would, of course, take 5 to 7 business days – more time than we could afford – literally.

Between another small checking account I have, collecting some money my sister owed me and some cash that was in my wallet, I somehow managed to scrape together just enough to cover my big snafoo (or is it snafoos?). Barely. That didn’t leave us any extra for groceries, gas or anything else. Thankfully we had a good amount of food already in the house and our gas tank wasn’t empty (though it is now).

Jody’s expense check money was deposited into our account today so we are in the clear again! Can you hear my big sigh of relief? Also, the PIN is on it’s way to me and I will finish getting that all set up so in case we run into a situation like this again, I will be able to move our money to cover it.

Nothing like a bit of financial drama to get your blood pumping. We survived, but that was a little too close for comfort.

10 thoughts on “The great money fiasco of ’07”

  1. LOL. Monday night, while we were staying at Ted’s parents’, I was up at 3am looking in the phone book for the 800 number to my bank so I could transfer money between checking accounts. Going out of town on the 30th of June, I totally forgot about the mortgage getting deducted the beginning of the month! So I hear ya on your big sigh of relief!

  2. UGH Amy I can so totally feel your stress right about now. Being out on disability while waiting for all my paperwork has left us a little dry. Until I get my disability check and (we are waiting for a NICE BIG fatty of a retro check from DH) we are living a little tight (and we have a birthday party to throw this weekend). I can’t wait until I can feel that big SIGH of relieve!!

    Glad you have everything in order (and thanks for letting me vent that out…LOL).


  3. I have been in a habit lately of just writing out checks for bills because my office is sooooo disorganized. It just makes me nervous to not know exactly how much is in there. Sorry to hear about your snafoo, but glad you are in the clear again. What’s life without a little chaos?? 😉

  4. OMG Amy, Troy did the exact same thing last month, hence my “Money Woes” post. We literaly had $20 that had to last an entire week and I was going CRAZY. I got really mad a Troy for what he did, so now reading your post makes me a little more forgiving. It isn’t a pretty feeling though!

  5. Shit! That IS a stressful feeling! Glad you got it all sorted out. We’ve been talking about starting an ing acct too…note to self…finish the process and keep the PIN 😉

  6. A fiasco indeed! Good thing you had some money in your own account that was enough to pay for everything.

    I’ve had an ING account for awhile now and once you’re set up, it’s very easy to use, just allow a few days for your transfer to clear into each account.

  7. I hate it when stuff like that happens! We have an ING account for savings, also. I love the interest, too, but I hate how long it takes for money to get into your checking – even when you have everything set up just right.

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