If only I could give up sleeping…

I would have time for all of the things I want to do. 😉 But alas, I need, crave and love my sleep way too much to give it up.

This seems to be a recurring theme around here. I have so many things that I want to do and be involved in and not enough time for everything. You’d think I would learn my lesson and cut back, but no, I just keep finding more things to do. By the way, this post is bound to be all over the place. I have quite a few things to write about so I’m just going to have at it.


The World Breastfeeding Week photo contest was a huge success. I’m so happy with the number of entries I received (36, I believe at last count) and am scratching my head wondering how in the world I’m going to choose a winner. I know it’s definitely cliche’, but you are all winners! Truly. I think I’m going to choose my 5 favorite pictures, number them, put the #s in a bowl and pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners that way. That’s really the only way I can see doing it. I’ll be sharing a collage of all of the entries when I announce the winners (on Friday).


Ava is currently at the farm and Julian is sleeping on my chest. I want so badly to go lay him down (my ass is killing me from the position I’m sitting in), but I can’t risk him waking up just yet. About 90% of the time I can lay him down without any problems, but it’s that pesky and unpredictable 10% that I don’t feel equipped to deal with today. So I will stay here, tied to my computer until it’s time to pick Ava up, and Julian will have gotten a decent (albeit sweaty) nap in.


Julian and I stopped at a plant nursery after dropping Ava off this morning. I’ve been wanting to buy a tomato plant for a while now – at least since my mom suggested I pick one up back in June. So I bought a sweet cherry tomato plant that’s huge and has a ton of green tomatoes on it already. I also picked up a couple of basil plants. I have this tasty pesto recipe that requires a ton of basil and it’s dang expensive at the store. I feel the need to grow something, in hopes that it will help me grow. I feel like I need growth lately. I’m stagnant and I don’t like it. Anyway, I don’t have a place for a garden in my yard, because of my pesky dogs and most of my yard is shaded for the majority of the day. But someday I will explore my green thumb and garden. Because of this, I’m planning on keeping these plants in pots in the small sunny area of the yard and seeing how that goes. Anyone have any tips for me? I know I have some gardeners among my readers.


If you haven’t yet submitted a picture to the Celebrity Baby Blog Breastfeeding Gallery, head on over there and take part in it. There are already 110 photos! I got a little overzealous and submitted 8 of me and my kids and I have more, but I will hold off for now. 😉
Also, the Celebrity Baby Blog is going to be holding a raffle fund-raiser for La Leche League for World Breastfeeding Week Aug. 1-8. I’m donating some shirts/bumper stickers from Attached At The Hip. I’ll have more info about that a couple weeks, but it looks like it will be really cool and for a great cause! 🙂

More to write, but no time to do it. Julian is awake and it’s time to go pick up his sister.

7 thoughts on “If only I could give up sleeping…”

  1. Hi Amy!

    I am giggling to myself as I just layed down the sleeping angel after nursing her so that I could make some banana bread. It is still a gamble to wake her up, too, and one I always debate for about 15 minutes before doing it! I love that precious chest-sleep. Enjoy it! 🙂

    Oh, and checking out the bf-ing contest. Thanks for the comments on my latest blog about small babes. She drinks rice because she gets sick from cow’s and hates (!!) soy. I will try almond. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  2. ah, yes.. i debated the do-i-put-him-down-and-risk-waking-him question many a time! my daughter was much easier to transfer around while sleeping.. my son was hard to put to sleep and very easy to wake.. he just always wanted to know what was going on/what was happening all the time (still does!).

    can’t wait to revisit this issue in the winter!

  3. Ugh – Tim was awful to try and transfer but Lydia is pretty good.

    Tomatoes like to be fed and watered frequently. If you pinch out the laterals it will help the plant produce more fruit rather than leaves, and help it from getting too tangled. (By laterals I mean the shoots that sprout from the junction of 2 other branches.) Try and keep good air flow around and in the plant so you don’t have fungus problems.

    I usually don’t have a problem growing basil but it will quickly go to seed in hot weather so pinch out the flower heads to get more leaf growth. 🙂

    If you get lots of leaves and want to save some for winter flavour, freeze some of the leaves in ice cubes and they can be used in casseroles etc. You can whizz it up with olive oil and pinenuts and freeze it as “pre-pesto” – adding the cheese when you want to use it. It’s not as pretty but okay on pizza.

  4. Tomatoes need a ton of sun, so maybe even move the pot when you can to face the afternoon sun. Usually morning sun isn’t enough to get them to really grow. They also like a lot of water when dry. Don’t water the leaves- I usually let mine dry between waterings, and then give them a good, even, consistant, watering every two to three days, but plants in pots tend to dry out faster.

    I think basil likes sun, but not as hot as tomatoes, so morning sun should be good, and water when dry.

    Good luck!

  5. I so wish I could give up sleeping! It would be so nice wouldn’t it? GOSH, could you imagine how much we could get done…LOL!! Have fun with the tomatoes and herbs. I wanted so badly to have a veggie/herb garden this year, but feared the belly bump would get in the way!!

    BTW…I moved my blog to typepad..ugh I was getting too frustrated trying to pretty up my blog and it not working…LOL!!

  6. I’m doing the CBB WBFW too (I think, they haven’t responded yet??) I didn’t have much to spare so I probably look really cheap compared to all the other big givers. But it’s something!

    It always throws me for a loop when I see the name Julian 🙂 I can’t wait to see the pics from your contest, everyone is a winner w/BF aren’t they?

  7. Amy,
    This is my second summer gardening in Colorado, and it certainly isn’t as easy as in the midwest! I’ve heard that Colorado summers are short enough and cool enough (hard to believe the last few days, huh?) that it can be difficult to get tomatoes to ripen. Keeping them close to the house will allow them to stay warm through the night with the heat absorbed by the house all day (works best with stucco!). Tomatoes also like consistency of water (don’t soak them and then let them dry out). I have a self-watering pot that I got online that has been great for my tomatoes, and I only have to fill it with water every few days. (It is also great for conserving water.) My neighbor (aka Garden Mama) swears by Cotton Boll Mulch with a little compost for the garden.

    Next summer try some zucchini (you might even still be able to find a plant this year). They are easy, grow fast, work well in pots, and produce A LOT which makes gardening fun for the kids. You could also try some mixed lettuce from seed in a pot. It is really easy. My kids won’t eat anything leafy from the store, but they LOVE to eat it from the garden. And sunflowers are also a big hit with the kids in our garden – easy, fast growing, and fun!

    Speaking of gardens, I gotta go water mine!

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