Ears, noses and throats – oh my!

At nearly 8 months old, my li’l buddy has his first cold. If it weren’t for the snot often smeared across his face and the periodic junky cough, you’d never know he was sick. Julian is still his happy-go-lucky self, which is why Dr. G nearly laughed at me when I took him in to be seen about a possible ear infection yesterday. It’s hard to convince someone your kid is sick when they are so darned smiley, flirty and otherwise happy. 😉

The only reason I took him in to the doctor was because the previous day, something came up when we were at the audiologist to have both Ava and Julian’s hearing tested. Ava’s hearing test was her doctor’s recommendation after I shared at her 3-year-check-up that she asks us to repeat ourselves or “Say it louder” a lot, and due to some speech difficulties she has with “s,” “f,” and “th” sounds. Julian’s was because he was never tested at birth due to being born at home and my laziness of taking him in for a hearing test, and, after finding out a friend’s 14-month-old grandbaby, who was never hearing tested at birth, is deaf, I thought it better to be safe than sorry. (An aside, my friend has been working to get more babies who are born at home hearing screened at birth, so, at least in CO, some midwives are now going to have the screening equipment to take with them to their clients homes. She is pursuing this for other states as well.)

Ava did really well with the testing and the “games” that the audiologist played with her to check her hearing. I was very proud of her. There was one tone that she had a slightly harder time hearing, but she was still within the normal range so it isn’t anything to worry about. We will have her re-tested in 3-6 months to make sure it’s staying the same and not getting worse, and in the meantime I will schedule a speech evaluation to talk about her difficulty with those consonants. I have to admit I was a little surprised that her doctor recommended the hearing test and speech therapy for her. I figured the asking us to repeat ourselves was mostly an age-related thing (and it very well may be now that we found out she can hear well). I didn’t expect the recommendation for speech therapy either. I figured it was something she’d grow out of on her own. And she may, but her doctor pointed out that it’s better to work on these things now before kids are off to school so that they can communicate with their peers, etc. That got me thinking. While Jody and I can understand nearly everything she says, other adults and children have a hard time because they don’t know that “s” and “f” routinely sound like “t” when they come out of Ava’s mouth. And that made me sad that she may be having a hard time communicating with other kids at the farm summer camp and in her future preschool program (likely this fall). So rather than think “Oh no, there’s something wrong with my child. She’s not perfect” and feel like I’ve failed her somehow, I decided to go ahead with this and help her correct the problem. I feel much better about it already.

Back to Julian’s story…When the audiologist went to test Julian’s hearing, she was getting a very weak response. Then she remembered that he has a cold (I had mentioned it when we first got there), and she took a look in his ears. She said there was some fluid and they were red, which would explain why he wasn’t hearing much of anything. She said if it were her child (she happened to have a daughter who was 1 day older than Julian and who’d recently had an ear infection of her own), she’d take him in to make sure his ear infection didn’t need treatment, and that we’d reschedule the hearing test for another day after he’s past this cold.

So I got him in to see Dr. G on Friday. She confirmed that he has a bit of an ear infection due to the viral cold that he has, but because he doesn’t have a high fever (or a fever at all actually) and isn’t acting sickly, it’s nothing we need to treat (with antibiotics) at this poin, which is pretty much what I had figured but after the audiologist recommended seeing the doctor, I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. I know there’s a movement away from antibiotics after they were hugely overused decades ago, “which in turn has allowed the bacteria that cause ear infections, sinus infections and pneumonia to become tougher and more resistant to antibiotics.” – Dr. Sears Dr. G also said we wouldn’t want to mess with Julian’s flora with the antibiotics if we didn’t need to. No thrush for us please, thank you very much.

I, too, have some sort of cold myself – my second one in the past several weeks. It was extremely painful for me to swallow last night while I was trying to go to sleep. After lying awake for an hour, I finally decided to take some ibuprofen to help lessen the pain and I got to sleep until Julian woke me up coughing at 6:15 this morning. Blah. I did take a nap with him when he went back down this morning though and that was much needed. I also found my zinc lozenges this afternoon so I’m taking those and am in hot pursuit of the Cold Snap I know we have somewhere around here. I wish I would’ve remembered it a couple of days ago.

If you’ve got any healing vibes/thoughts to spare, please feel free to send them our way. We could use them. 🙂 Thanks!

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  1. OH you are so lucky.(well not lucky but) . My first didnt get sick until he was 1 .. but my 10 month old has been sick nearly every month since he was 3 months old.. YUCK!!!! We just got done with a whole household having a summer cold.. Get better soon!!!!

  2. So sorry you aren’t feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

    Mel has colloidal silver, and I got some from her when Cole was a baby and had a weird eye thing- it works great on all kind of “infections.”

  3. Oh, and that is so good you are being pro-active on Ava’s speech & hearing. I have heard that “S” sounds are the hardest for kids to make, and many don’t “master” that sound until 4 or 5.

  4. hope you’re all feeling better now. Defne also had kind of ear infection (luckily not middle ear inf.) a few weeks ago,she was also quite happy,no pain or anything but she had an ear drainage.Our GP gave us an eardrop and in a few days it was healed.

  5. Hope you’re all feeling better soon! Nadia’s had two ear infections in her 20 months, and both times they came on really, really fast and of course both times it was on the weekd. She never showed a single symptom and then all of a sudden she was in agony with a scary-high fever. The second time the eardrum ruptured – now that was scary! And I felt awful that I hadn’t even had the slightest idea that she was sick. :o(

  6. Hope you and the punkinhead’re feeling better soon… i had ear problems when i was a kid and had to have ’em drained on occasion… all was fine in the end.

  7. Your daughter can have a pure tone hearing test turn out fine and still have auditory processing difficulties. I recommend that you have her tested for that as well.

  8. I know a great homeopathist if you want to treat the kids more ‘naturally’. Evan has had a few colds since birth (one of the down sides of daycare 🙁 ) and he responds great to the remedies which I take and he gets thru my breastmilk. 🙂 I have also had great luck with the remedies. It has also helped me to feel more balanced. 🙂

  9. Blah. Sorry about Julian’s ear!

    I wonder if my kiddo is deaf sometimes too…he says “WHAT!?” to about half the things I say. It must be the 3/4 year old thing to do….

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