Wordless Wednesday – 7/25/07

I’ve decided to start posting on Wordless Wednesday. I figure it will give me a chance to post some pics (of the kids and anything else my lil heart desires), but not have to worry so much about the technical merit of the photos (like I do for Best Shot Monday). AKA I can just throw together a pic or two from my point & shoot and call it good. Easy, peasy. 🙂

Methinks that’s too many words for a Wordless Wednesday post. 😉

Julian takes on the stairs 7/15/07 Ava slingin’ her baby 7/12/07

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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 7/25/07”

  1. Glad you’re playing WW now and id doesn’t matter that the shots aren’t technically perfect – they’re both adorable! Love Ava wearing her baby and nursing!

  2. Welcome to WW! Great shots of the kids! I just love those toddler “I’m holding on to anything I can to stand” shots! Precious-adorable kids!

    I have a special WW this week! It’s a pic of my raffle prizes for this Saturday’s Blogathon 2007 to benefit VH1 Save The Music Foundation. I hope you’ll stop by and get yourself a raffle ticket!

    Happy WW!
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  3. heh heh… any excuse for kiddo pics is good enough for me. 😉 BTW – the wide angle lens isn’t mine… I just have a mad photographer husband who shares his largess 🙂

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