Tiny tub for two

bubble bath

The other night I tried to sneak away from Jody and the kids for a nice relaxing bubble bath. I didn’t fill anyone in on my plans, just quietly left the room and went to fill the tub, hoping they wouldn’t notice I was gone.

Our bathroom has two doors – one from the hallway (which has a lock) and one from our bedroom (which does not have a lock). I filled the tub while pouring in some Juniper Breeze bath bubbles, and locked the hallway door, trying to pro-actively deter a potentially curious preschooler.

Just as I stepped into the water, I heard curious preschooler, AKA Ava, trying to open the hallway door. Foiled! I then heard her run to the bedroom to try the other door. Hmmph. Guess she wouldn’t be as easily deterred as I’d hoped. I quickly pulled the shower curtain closed hoping maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t realize I was hiding behind it. Ha! Who am I kidding?

She opened the door, threw open the shower curtain, and saw the bubbles in the tub. Her face lit up and she immediately asked, with a huge smile on her face, “Can I get in?!” *Sigh* I tried to explain that Mommy wanted to take a relaxing bath ALONE, but she was so enthralled with the bubbles, I could see there would be no putting her off. I let her get in the tub with me.

Our tub, which is already too small for my liking when I’m in it alone, felt even more cramped with the two of us occupying every square inch.

I hadn’t yet given up the idea of getting a little relaxation time in, so I tried my best to recline while Ava played in the water at my feet. After a few minutes, Ava asked me why I had wanted to take a bath alone. I wanted to shout, “Isn’t it obvious?!” but I restrained myself like a good mommy (at least this time) and instead simply said, “because I wanted to relax.” She said, “You can’t relax now.” Which, of course, begged the question, “Why not?” Without missing a beat she replied, “because I’m in here!”

Indeed, Ava. Indeed. 😉

16 thoughts on “Tiny tub for two”

  1. Don’t you know you have to wait until they are in bed to try to relax?? 😉 We have a nice big jacuzzi tub…that the kids take their baths in. I can’t remember the last time I took a bath in there to relax. I bought some of those nice bath salt balls at a fancy store in the Mall of America…oh, about 3 years ago I”m guessing. They have yet to be used. Ah, motherhood!

  2. What a disappointment! No relaxation til the kids’ bedtime. Fortunately for me, since my husband works at home, I can get a bath in the mornings while he watches Aidan. It would probably be more difficult with two children, though. I imagine that once you have more than one child, life becomes far more difficult to squeeze in any ‘me’ time.

  3. Gosh, that bath sounds SO nice! Ava cracks me up. 🙂
    I’ve managed one bath since Indi’s birth and it too was shared with Kaia AND Indi.

  4. So funny! I can’t tell you the last time I had a bath alone. Little Zachary thinks it’s his bath time too. And even if he wants to sit and watch I feel guilty cause I know he could really use a bath, so I bring him in with me. LOL!

  5. Amy, you’re a great storyteller. This one kept me riveted. Bathtime’s just not gonna be the same for some time now, is it?! Hee hee.

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