Nursing in public in 1943

I recently came across a wonderful blog – Black Breastfeeding Blog (by author Jennifer James who has written for Mothering magazine, among others) – and found the following post particularly worth mentioning. The post includes pictures (from the Library of Congress) of a mother nursing her baby in public back in 1943. It seems evident from these photos that breastfeeding in public was not something to get up in arms about back then, it simply was what it was – a woman feeding her child.

Why have things changed so much in the past 60 years?

BSM – 7/2/07

On Sunday we attended a farewell party for our good friends, B & D, and their boys, C and T. They are moving at the end of July to Georgia.

It’s hard for me to see them go since I’ve been friends with B since shortly after Ava was born. She and I have grown pretty close through this whole journey called parenting and, since neither of us have had family in the area for most of the past three years (my sis lives out here again now), our families have spent many a holiday together. B was also my inspiration for having a home birth. After she had a wonderful home birth with her son T (who’s 6 months older than Julian), I explored the option more seriously and soon selected her midwife and planned a home birth of my own. (And we all know what a great home birth experience I had.)

Our older children, Ava and her son C, have grown up together (C is 5 months older than Ava) and are best buddies.

My best shots for this Monday are of the two kiddos playing together at the end of the party. First they stood on the shore throwing sticks into the water, then they waded out into the water to their shins. Eventually Ava sat in the water, C fell in the water and both kids were happily soaked. By the time we were ready to go home, we had a couple of half naked kids running around, which was actually a perfect way to cool down on a nearly 100 degree day. 🙂

7/1/07 - Ava and C 7/1/07 - Ava & C in the lake

B, D, C & T – We wish you all the best in your new home. You will be missed!

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