“License” to breastfeed and the law

International breastfeeding symbol

It’s Day 3 of World Breastfeeding Week and I’m continuing my celebration. 🙂

I feel very fortunate in that I’ve never had anyone approach me with a negative comment or look while I’ve breast-fed my children in public. Unfortunately, many other mothers have not been as lucky. And because there are disapproving strangers out there, it’s important to know that there are laws that protect breastfeeding mothers’ rights. Babytalk came up with a “license to breastfeed” card that a nursing mother can carry with her to flash to anyone who tries to dissuade her from feeding her child. It’s sad that in this day and age there has to be such a card, but it’s good to know your rights and to be prepared to share them with others.

The symbol at the top of this post is the International Breastfeeding Symbol. For more information about the purpose of the symbol and how it can be used, visit Mothering’s breastfeeding symbol activism kit.

Here are your last reminders…

  • Today is the last day to enter my latest t-shirt giveaway from my new store, Cute As A Bug. You have until 11:59 p.m. The winner will be selected and announced tomorrow, Aug. 4.
  • If you haven’t yet done so, please send me your nursing pictures for inclusion in my WBW breastfeeding photo collage by Aug. 4. Thank you!

FYI – A picture update of the kiddos is coming soon, as well as some pics from the Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala I went to see yesterday as it was being created. There’s so much going on this summer and not nearly enough time to blog about it all. 😉

7 thoughts on ““License” to breastfeed and the law”

  1. Hi, Great site!

    I’m over in Ireland and we have great legal NIP protection here. A business owner has to protect your right to bf if someone complains. I must say though, in 9 months, I haven’t had any problems, plenty of nosey stares yes but no-one “brave” enough to complain! If any of your readers are curious about the bf law in Ireland, I got more details on my blog

  2. Can’t wait to see the mandala pics – the detail created from colored sand is amazing. Then the beautiful mandala is ruined after being displayed for awhile to show the impermanence of things in life. It’s always shocking to see it destroyed, but it makes you appreciate the beauty of the mandala even more.

    On bfing – we in California must live in a different universe, esp. in NorCal, because I’ve never ever seen anybody have a problem, nor have I ever had a problem bfing in public. Sometimes I feel like if I were to travel to different parts of the USA, I’d suffer from more culture shock than I have experienced in some of the more offbeaten locales of the globe. Sad.

  3. I have had some horrible looks from people before. Haven’t had any brave souls come up to me yet though. I will have to print that little card out, just in case!! It is sad, and I wish there were more commercials and ads about how RIGHT NIP is.

  4. thanks for the post, breastfeeding licence lol. I havn’t had any problem with breastfeeding in public either.

    Today I was breastfeeding at the beach (in very modest bading suit nursing) then I look around and taught all those people are showing more skin then me, why would me nursing bother them!

  5. Im in Scotland and we are completly protected on NIP (only upto to two years of age though, doubt anyone is going to say anything with me feeding my toddler as she is so small and only looks 1), the only negative comment was made to me when my eldest was a baby – we were eating at subway and a old and told me he did’t want to see “that” while eating his food , i just told him i did’t want to see “him” while i was eating and he went away in a mood (i assued to complain he he)

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