BSM – 8/6/07

Best Shot Monday – Buddhist Sand Mandala

My Best Shot Monday this week is actually four “best shots,” because I couldn’t pick just one to share of this beautiful art.

On Thursday and again on Saturday last week, I went to watched Kezang Dorjee, a Buddhist Monk from Bhutan, as he created a Buddha of Compassion Sand Mandala, all done by hand – sprinkling grains of sand with his fingertips in a slow, meticulous process. It was beautiful and amazing and I can only imagine the patience, training, skill and discipline that must go into creating one.

I learned, through the literature that was distributed at the mandala creation, that it is said that those viewing the making of a mandala are benefited through clearing obstacles in their life and purifying negative actions and karmas that have been done in the past. By concentrating on the image of the mandala, the viewer can experience blessings. Nice. I could always use some blessings. 🙂

Below are two pictures I took on Thursday and then two more from Saturday (when he was getting closer to being finished with it).

I wasn’t able to attend, but on Sunday the sand was swept up as part of a mandala dismantling ceremony and was then dispersed into a nearby creek to return to the Earth. This process symbolizes the transience of life and the ideal of non-attachment to the material world.


Buddha of compassion sand mandala creation 1Buddha of compassion sand mandala creation 2


Buddha of compassion sand mandala creation 3Buddha of compassion sand mandala creation 4

I know that’s four pictures (instead of one) for Best Shot Monday, but I really wanted to show off the beauty of the mandala. After all of the work and energy that went into it, I feel it is deserving. 🙂

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21 thoughts on “BSM – 8/6/07”

  1. Oh wow, that is truly a piece of art…and the patience! Beautiful shots of the monk and his madala. I have heard about those before, so it was very neat to see it.

  2. This has always fascinated me, although I never have seen one being made. And in my American mind (my forever scrapbooking an blogging mind), it does seem like a shame to sweep it all away as soon as it’s done. Process, not product!!

  3. We saw a much larger one down in Florida two winters ago and watched them sweep it up, praying and chanting in very low voices, dump the sand into the bay along with flowers sending peace and prayers out into the world, and also got a little bit of the “healing ” sands. Quite a moving ceremony and such a beatiful sand painting. Glad you got to see one done, too.

  4. so incredible. such an amazing art form and so awesome that you could document it in photos…you’d think the artist would want to take a picture before it’s all swept away, but it is part of the beauty of it that it’s so fleeting, i guess.

  5. Stunning pictures. Where was this mandala created? Does your town have a temple or was it in a more centralized venue?

    How neat, too, that Kezang Dorjee was from Bhutan. I’d love to go there someday as the country has a limitation on its number of tourists allowed in every year to keep the its culture and tradition intact.

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