What were YOU doing at 10 a.m.?

Synchronized breastfeeding worldwide - me and Julian 8/8/07

On Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2007, at 10 a.m. in 24+ countries around the globe, mothers nursed their children to help set a new world record and participate in Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide.

We were just about to head out the door to attend a social with my midwives, but we took a few moments for mama’s milk and Ava (the budding photographer) snapped this picture. (Isn’t she getting good?) 🙂

Did you get a chance to breastfeed at 10 a.m. yesterday? Were you in your home or out with a group of other breastfeeding mamas? If you wrote about it on your blog, let me know and I’ll link back to you. If you didn’t blog about it, but did participate, I’d love to hear about that too. Just leave a comment. 🙂

Here are just some of the news stories about Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide making headlines from around the world:
Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide Kicks Off – New Zealand
Over 900 NZ mothers join breastfeeding record bid – New Zealand
Breastfeeding wave hits Putrajaya – Putrajaya
At a breastfeeding demonstration, 29 happy babies – near Boston
Seattle Moms go for Breastfeeding Record – Seattle
Roxas moms take shot at breastfeeding record – 261 moms in Roxas City, Philippines …

From the above article: “The synchronized breastfeeding worldwide last August 8 was a follow-up activity of the first Guinness World Record on Simultaneous in Multiple Sites in May this year.
Said activity, which was initiated by the Philippine Lactation Resource and Training Center, mobilized 16,000 mothers, as of the last count in more than 400 sites nationwide.”


Bloggers who wrote about it:
Half Pint Pixie – Ireland
When 2 became 3 – breast-fed in a group at her city hall in Moncton, New brunswick, Canada

Synchronized breastfeeding worldwide

13 thoughts on “What were YOU doing at 10 a.m.?”

  1. I was disappointed to not be able to go down and join the crowd at Botany Downs but Tim had kindy that morning. But I dare say I was bf-ing anyway because Lydia has her snack about that time 😉

  2. I wish I’d been nursing! All these wonderful pictures and talk of breastfeeding really make me miss it. I wish I had resisted more when Nadia decided to self-wean at 15 months…

    And wow, Ava’s turning into quite the photographer. Like mother like daughter! ;o)

  3. thanks for the link!

    I and two others were breastfeeding our little’uns in a pub while one of their hubbies took photos for posterity and nearby men in suits pretended not to be looking! It was a bit of fun…

  4. Yesterday at 10 AM I was walking with Aidan to the park. Since he weaned at 10 months I haven’t been a breastfeeding mom in a year and 4 months. How amazing that Ava took your picture! She’s VERY talented!!!

  5. Luna nursed while I took a break from work. Being able to work from home and take those breaks has made it possible to nurse her for 15 months…she’s 15 months tomorrow!

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