I’ll take “Things you don’t expect to see on a Walgreens’ sign” for $200, Alex

“Honey, can you run up to Walgreens and pick me up some Tylenol, a Snickers and, oh yeah, a breast pump?” Apparently, it could happen!

I had to do a double-take when we passed by Walgreens on our way up to Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend. I saw the word “breastfeeding” and I was like, “what? on a Walgreen’s sign?” I told Jody, who was driving and had his eyes on the road, that the sign said “Breastfeeding We Rent Breast Pumps” and he insisted we go back so I could take a picture. 🙂

Walgreens supports breastfeeding

I wonder if they had this up because of World Breastfeeding Week? Perhaps the owner is a bit of a lactivist. No matter, I was glad to see it. Way to go, Walgreens! 🙂

15 thoughts on “I’ll take “Things you don’t expect to see on a Walgreens’ sign” for $200, Alex”

  1. No way! Glad to see it, Walgreens!
    And Amy, that floatie suit? Size 3T, not 2T! Maybe it will fit Ava–Will’s 3T boys suit is very roomy on him.

  2. that is AWESOME…that makes it so much easier for people…instead of having to search out resources. Where do you live in Colorado? Boulder or Durango?


  3. Wow – now that is cool! We have a Walgreens literally less than a block away from us – I wonder if they rent them too? If only I had known before I rented mine from the much more expensive place! Well – good for them – I hope they rent many of them and keep it going – YAY breastfeeding!!!

  4. I wandered over here from the link on Adventures in Babywearing. You have a great blog!

    I’m starting to think I should shop at Walgreens more often. First I was pleased about the recent news of helping find those with disabilities a job, and now supporting breastfeeding!

  5. Hey guys I’m the one who made the sign. FYI only some Walgreens rent breast pumps. We’ve done it for about a year, and now they want us to really push it. A lot of people don’t like the sign but it’s also brought a lot of people to our store.

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