New nursing necklace

I’ve been on the lookout for a jade necklace (specifically for the properties jade is supposed to possess) for a while now, but was unable to find anything I liked until recently.

Back when I had the “I make milk…superpower” t-shirt giveaway here last month, a woman named Paty (who I know from a “crunchy” message board) submitted a picture to me of her child nursing while playing with a nursing/breastfeeding necklace around her neck. I noticed from her signature that she sold necklaces so I took a look at her site – Paty’s Loveys. I emailed her back and told her that I was looking for a jade necklace specifically and she tracked one down for me in no time. Paty provided great customer service and was very prompt in responding to me.

The necklace is just what I was looking for, is adjustable and very sturdy and should hold up as a nursing necklace (i.e. something for Julian to play with while he nurses) wonderfully. 🙂

Mommy likes it and Julian enjoys it too!
jade nursing necklace julian chews on the nursing necklace

In addition to nursing necklaces, Paty also makes and sells waterproof bibs, changing pads and wet bags (for cloth diapers), as well as blankets.