Speaking of babywearing…

My Wordless Wednesday post this week is a pic of me wearing Julian in the Moby. I don’t use the Moby all that much now that he’s such a big boy (and nearly 9 months old) and the fabric stretches out a bit. My carrier of choice is actually the Ergo. (Love it!) But I must say that even though he’s a chunk-a-monkey, I still love wearing him. There are so many times (on hikes, in stores, at the farmer’s market, etc.) when it’s so much more convenient to wear Julian rather than try to maneuver a stroller. He has actually only been in a stroller (our two-seater jogging stroller that’s still out of commission due to a missing wheel – oy!) a handful of times. Otherwise if we go out somewhere, I’m wearing him. He loves being near eye-level with the rest of the world and I love the closeness and knowing he’s safe and comfy.

Segue into a couple cool babywearing contests… 😉

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing is giving away a cute and colorful Baby Dagny Peekaboo Pouch. I’d love to get my hands on this! I really need a quick and easy carrier for those times I want to pop Julian in for a few minutes to get something done (like push Ava on the swing in the backyard and keep him from eating dirt and grass). 😉 Also worth noting is the fact that Baby Dagny is currently having a big warehouse moving sale – 75% off prices!

Also, When 2 Became 3 is giving away a beautiful wrap that she made herself. Very nice! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Speaking of babywearing…”

  1. I still use my sling – in the hip position now. And the front pouch too tho’ she’s a bit chunky for it. Those other options sound good too – wouldn’t mind more 😉

  2. I love your WW picture! I still get a lot of use out of my sling – Delphine is still pretty light. She wants nothing to do with a stroller – she prefers me wearing her. I have been wanting to give the Ergo a try.

  3. Adorable picture in your Moby wrap! I think I have told you about my love for my Mei Tai carrier before. It was so indespensible for me, especially in the back carry mode. Once they start walking it is hard to keep them in the carriers though, although I still have one in my car and one in the house…just in case!

    Here’s a picture of when Kai was around 2 and over 30 lbs on my back:


    I have been thinking about making one to give away on my blog, too. Maybe when I finally get my sewing directions drawn up for download I can do it at the same time.

  4. I loved my Moby. Now that the kids are bigger (and I can’t wear both at once, though I know twin moms who can) I am using a Baby Hawk and a back carry and OY, after 30 minutes I want to die. I am so out of shape!

  5. Reading your baby wearing and attachment posts always brings back fond memories. Although not so “vogue” a few years ago when I did it, I was a baby wearer. I firmly believe it is a big reason my sons via adoption, who were abused infants, bonded so easily.

  6. I (heart) my Ergo. I have had it for other a year now and it has been so awesome. Not only will my husband wear it, my preschooler still fits in it! At THREE! I just took the kids out for a walk this morning and had the baby in it. We totally never take the stroller to malls, parks, amusement parks or zoos. Way too much bother!

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