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Ava - Music Together class - 11 mos. old

When Ava was around 10 months old, we enrolled in Music Together classes. It was a nice early introduction to various songs, chants, instruments, movements and play in a fun, relaxed setting with other babies, kids and parents.

Ava enjoyed the classes (she was 11 months old in that pic) and it would’ve been nice to continue with them through the years, but our finances wouldn’t allow it.

Now that Julian is around that age (well, he’s 9 months), I thought it would be cool for him to have that same experience and for Ava to have a bit of a refresher. She still loves music and being around others, so I figured she would enjoy it as well. Our finances aren’t any better at this point (especially since we have the preschool tuition cost now *gulp* – more about that later), but I figure sometimes you just have to splurge (i.e. take it out of savings).

We signed up for a 10-week session and had our first class today. The place we are going is less than five minutes from our house (nice) and the teacher allows younger siblings to attend free of charge until they hit their first birthday, so I only had to pay for Ava (very nice!). The class is a bit on the small side with about 7 kids, but that feels just right to me – more room for us to move around and play.

Ava started off the class today quite shy and reserved, but by the end of it she was clapping along, playing with the instruments, talking to the other kids, etc. It was great. I wore Julian in the Ergo for the beginning, but once the instruments started coming out he seemed eager to get down. He crawled all over, and happily explored the new terrain (and mouthed all the instruments – of course).

I’m glad that we’re doing it. I think it will be a good experience for both of the kids, and anything that gets us out of the house (even though it’s crazy getting ready in the morning) is a good thing too. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Music Together”

  1. We just stared a music class, although much more informal, at the library but we are loving it!

    Amazing how different the first baby is compared to the second eh?

  2. We do a similar program here, and have since Liam was a baby. I’m all about anything musical, and it’s the high point of Liam’s week.

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed your class.

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