The face behind the blog – a meme

The Face Behind the Blog and Throwback Thursday all in one!

Elizabeth at The Whole Family tagged me last week for The Face Behind the Blog, so here’s a look at me over the years – AKA more pictures of Amy than you could ever possibly care to see. 😉 In other words, I don’t think anyone is required to post this many pics, I just got a little pic-postin’ happy.

Scroll to the end to see if I tagged YOU!

10 months old and ready to go (1976):
Baby Amy 10 mos. old
Exhibiting early dorky tendencies at age 8 (1983):
Dorky Amy 8 yrs old
Nine years old and all dressed up with my younger sister and brother for my uncle’s wedding (1984):
Amy (9), Paul (7) and Carrie (5) - 1984
Dressed up as a hippie for Halloween at age 16 (1991). See, I already knew what I wanted to be when I grew up! 😉
Amy the hippie wannabe at age 16
Jody and I at a wedding a few months after we met in person for the first time (1998):
Amy and Jody at a wedding 1998
At our own wedding on April 20, 2001:
Amy and Jody get married 4/20/01
Ready for some snorkeling in the Florida Keys (2003):
Getting ready for some snorkeling in the Florida Keys 2003
Hiking in front of the Flatirons with Jody and Ava (2005):
Hiking the Flatirons with Jody and Ava - Feb. 2005
My 30th birthday with Ava (May 7, 2005):
My 30th birthday 5/7/05
36 weeks pregnant with Julian (Oct. 2006):
36 weeks pregnant with Julian - Oct. 2006
My family (June 23, 2007)
My family (6/23/07)
Me and my friends at a going away party for my good friend B (July 2007):
Me and the girls July 2007
Nursing Julian (Aug. 8, 2007):
Nursing Julian (Aug. 2007)

OK, I’m tagging:
MB at Misplaced Mama because I don’t recall seeing very many pictures of her on her blog;
Christina at Momology because she’s always behind the camera;
and Jenny at Mommin’ it Up because I don’t know if I’ve EVER seen a picture of her.
Thanks in advance for playing along, ladies. 🙂

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