Wise beyond her years

Several weeks ago, I was looking through a copy of The Compleat Mother. (I’d surprisingly never read the magazine before, but a childbirth educator friend of mine shared a copy with me because she’d had an article printed in it. Great magazine!) Anyway, Ava started looking at it with me and we came upon a cartoon of sorts – see below – with the message “JUST SAY NO.”

Just say no

Ava: “What is that?”
Me: “A woman having her baby in a hospital ‘bed.'”
Ava: “Why?”
Me: (thinking to myself – Good question!) “Because some doctors want women to be in that position to have their babies.”
Ava: “She should be squatting down.”
Me: “Yes, she should be.”
Ava: “But, sorry, she has a seatbelt on.”

Yes, it is sorry indeed. Sorry that this woman has to be lying on her back, with an IV in and a fetal monitor strapped on, and with her legs/feet up in the air in the most unnatural birthing position possible (except for maybe standing on one’s head) for the convenience of the medical profession to have a baby.

Ava is a smart cookie, and makes her crunchy mama proud.