You’re in (urine)

There must be something in the air. Something in the water. Something in the breastmilk.

I woke up to nurse Julian at 2 a.m. only to discover he had completely soaked through his diaper and pajamas. Ugh. (That, thankfully, hasn’t happened in months.)

Then this morning, I woke up to Ava telling me that she had peed in her pajamas and her bed was wet. Ugh again. (Thankfully again, this rarely happens.)

Lots of laundry in store for me today. Loads of fun. ;o)

Now that’s crappy

Two weekends ago, Jody took Ava out to run errands in the morning like they do every Saturday. They had a productive time out, but upon arriving back home Jody confessed, “I’m a crappy dad. I forgot to get Ava lunch.” Oops. She was indeed a bit hungry so we got her fed and all was well.

Fast forward to three days later. I was running late with getting Ava to her last morning of summer camp at the farm. (Jody worked from home that morning so in having him around to help out, I didn’t stay on task like I usually do when I’m doing it alone, and fell woefully behind schedule.) As we were driving there, I explained to her that she would be getting there a little bit late and apologized that I didn’t have my stuff together on time that morning. She replied matter of factly, “You’re a crappy mom.” D’oh!

I kind of figured she’d eventually pick up the only real swear word we use around here on a regular basis. I just didn’t think it would be used quite like that. :oP Thanks, crappy dad.

Speaking of babywearing…

My Wordless Wednesday post this week is a pic of me wearing Julian in the Moby. I don’t use the Moby all that much now that he’s such a big boy (and nearly 9 months old) and the fabric stretches out a bit. My carrier of choice is actually the Ergo. (Love it!) But I must say that even though he’s a chunk-a-monkey, I still love wearing him. There are so many times (on hikes, in stores, at the farmer’s market, etc.) when it’s so much more convenient to wear Julian rather than try to maneuver a stroller. He has actually only been in a stroller (our two-seater jogging stroller that’s still out of commission due to a missing wheel – oy!) a handful of times. Otherwise if we go out somewhere, I’m wearing him. He loves being near eye-level with the rest of the world and I love the closeness and knowing he’s safe and comfy.

Segue into a couple cool babywearing contests… 😉

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing is giving away a cute and colorful Baby Dagny Peekaboo Pouch. I’d love to get my hands on this! I really need a quick and easy carrier for those times I want to pop Julian in for a few minutes to get something done (like push Ava on the swing in the backyard and keep him from eating dirt and grass). 😉 Also worth noting is the fact that Baby Dagny is currently having a big warehouse moving sale – 75% off prices!

Also, When 2 Became 3 is giving away a beautiful wrap that she made herself. Very nice! 🙂

3 boys – answers revealed!

Three days ago, I posted a guessing game for you all to guess what TWO things the three boys in this picture have in common.

3 boys

Your guesses were varied but a handful of you got at least half of it right!

While they actually have MORE than two things in common, the TWO THINGS I was thinking of when I posted the picture are that they:

  1. All were born at home.
  2. All had the same midwife in attendance at their birth!

The other things they have in common are:

  1. All are breast-fed
  2. All are intact (not circumcised)
  3. All were born in 2006
  4. All have crunchy, AP mamas (or as one of my friends put it “ultra-cool” crunchy mamas)
  5. And yes, all are cute!

If you guessed any of the above things, give yourself a pat on the back and an extra scoop of granola! You are getting to know the “crunchy domestic goddess” quite well. 🙂

August’s Breastfeeding Carnival – “Leaving Ava for the first time”

Welcome, Breastfeeding Carnival readers. This month’s topic is “Learning to Let Go” and refers to letting other people care for our nurslings. After you finish reading my post, I hope you will stop by the other blogs mentioned below to read their stories as well. Thanks!

The first time my husband Jody and I both tried to leave Ava for an evening was when she was nearly 6 months old. The company Jody worked for was having a formal Christmas party and the idea of a night out among adults after 6 months of staying at home with a little one got me a wee bit excited. Up until this point, the only person she’d stayed with besides me was Jody and that was only for short amounts of time.

Because we had no family in the area, we made tentative plans for Ava to stay at our friends’ house, which was, very conveniently, less than five minutes away from the restaurant where the party was to take place. These friends had a son who was 7 months older than Ava. They were/are a very AP (attachment parenting)-friendly family and I had no qualms about their ability to provide Ava with loving care in our absence.

Because Ava had never had a bottle (and had yet to start on solid foods), I was a bit worried about what would happen if she got hungry. However, since the place we were going was so close by, the plan was that I would feed her when we would dropped her off, then we’d sneak over to the party for an hour or two and I would come back to nurse her if need be, and then go back to the party. It sounds fool-proof, right?

Jody and I were dressed to the nines, so excited about an evening out among adults, when we dropped Ava off. Ava was very familiar with our friends and we felt confident that she would do OK with them for the evening. She was doing fine right before we left, but now that I look back at this picture of her and my friend, she seems to have a look in her eyes like – “hey mom, what’s going on?”

Ava with her first babysitter 12/10/04

We got back in our car, which suddenly felt very empty without a little person in the backseat, and drove to the party. We were there for about 10 minutes when Jody’s cell phone rang. As soon as I answered, I could hear Ava crying in the background. 🙁

My friend told me she was fine physically, but was very distraught about the fact that mommy and daddy were MIA. My heart crumbled. I felt torn because although I really wanted to stay at the party, I knew my girl needed me. We agreed that they’d give it five more minutes to see if she calmed down and if not, I’d head back over there. Five minutes later, the phone rang. I grabbed my purse and headed back to their house.

Ava was a mess of tears when I arrived and took her into my arms. Poor girl. I felt horrible – both that she was so distraught without me and that my friends had to listen to her crying while they held her, unable to do anything to make her feel better.

Nearly immediately, I put her to my breast. Her body relaxed and the cries stopped. Instant comfort.

There was no way I could try to leave her again that night, so I took her back to the party with me. Unfortunately because my usual happy-as-a-clam little girl had already had such a traumatic time being away from mommy and daddy, she was on edge as when we went into the restaurant. Many coworkers approached us wanting to say hi and Ava lost it. 🙁 I took her to the car where we hung out for a while as she nursed and slept, while Jody wrapped things up at the party. Then we all headed home.

The evening didn’t go at all as planned, but my priority was always my girl. More parties and evenings out would come along, but I would only have one chance at developing a secure attachment with my child. I think I made the right choice and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Here are the other people participating in this month’s carnival (the list will be updated throughout the day):

Best Shot Monday – 8/20/07

Ava’s been enjoying one morning a week of summer camp at a local farm for the past three months. Last Tuesday was her last day. Parents were invited to come early to watch the kids wear their newly-created “memory” hats (to help them remember what they learned at the farm all summer) and sing some of the songs they learned like “Hermie the Worm” and “Baa baa black sheep.” Jody worked from home that morning so we could all go. It was pretty cute. 🙂

Here’s Ava waiting for the singing to start, before she ditched her hat. (I couldn’t decide between the color and the b/w, so I’m sharing them both.)

Ava’s last day at farm summer camp 8/14/07 Ava’s last day at farm summer camp (b&w) 8/14/07

You can see more of Best Shot Monday by heading over to Picture This.

Please feel free to sign Mister Linky below if you participated in Best Shot Monday! 🙂

Me so busy and a contest wrap-up

I’ve been busting my butt this weekend trying to get my shit stuff together for a huge children’s consignment sale happening this week at the fairgrounds. I can’t believe all of the clothes I have to get rid of! We aren’t sure if we are done having children, but other than keeping a bag or so of “special” clothes for each of the two kids, I am selling or giving away the rest. There’s so much involved in getting the stuff ready, I’m feeling seriously overwhelmed. I should have started last month preparing, but no, last-minute Amy is my name; last-minute preparations are my game. 😉 (Did I mention I’m a dork?)

No time for blogging other than to quickly fill you in on a few good contests currently going on in the blogosphere. Check them out. 🙂

Nell at Casual Friday Everyday is giving away one full year access to “Menu Planning Central”. This is a $239.64 value.

The Blessed Nest is giving away a $100 gift certificate for use at their own Blessed Nest store.

Mom Views is giving away a Diaper Vest by DadGear.

Mama Mio is giving away a Chic Tots Chic&Cozy Blanket/Bag in a stylish fuschia bloom print.

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing is giving away a t-shirt from Rusty Bumper, as well as letting us in on a 10% off discount code for Urban Baby Runway.

And, don’t forget, I’m giving away a reusable grocery bag.

This last link isn’t to a contest, but I wanted to share about an online store I recently discovered. It’s called Trendy Tadpole, which features cute and funny baby clothes. My favorites from the store are the “AB/CD” design (see below) and the “Boy in Black” design. I’d love either of those for Julian. The site’s logo, which is a picture of a frog with “oh snap” on it, is adorable too and is available on shirts as well.

AB/CD shirt

3 boys – a guessing game!

What two things do the three boys in this picture have in common? No, they aren’t related. And yes, that’s Julian in the back in the orange, white and blue and Ava is standing next to him, but she doesn’t have these things in common with the boys. (If you know me in real life and know the answer to this question, please don’t post a response. Thanks!)

3 boys and Ava

The answer will be revealed on Tuesday, Aug. 21. 🙂 Happy guessing.

1 bag at a time – a contest/giveaway

Vitamin Cottage reusable bag

UPDATE: The winner of the bag is Ellen L. Freeman! Congrats!

A few months ago, I was shopping at Vitamin Cottage (the only natural foods store in my city) and I noticed that, in addition to their usual canvas grocery bags for sale, they also had some new reusable bags for sale and they were only $.99 each. While I’d always wanted some of the canvas bags, I couldn’t justify the price, so instead I would just reuse my plastic bags time and time again until they wore out. However, with these new bags selling at only $.99 a pop, I could refuse no longer and bought several.

I later discovered that the bags are part of the 1 Bag at at Time project. Check out the site, it’s pretty cool.

From 1 Bag at at Time:

Each of our bags is designed:
to replace 2 paper bags or up to 4 plastic bags each time it is used.
to be used weekly for two years or more.
to replace up to 416 plastic bags over its entire lifetime.

So far, 1 Bag at a Time has sold over
600,000 reusable bags

Over the next 2 years, these bags together will save:
249.6 million plastic bags.
Enough petroleum to drive a car 17,828,572 miles.
Up to $42,432,000 in disposal costs.
That’s enough money to pay 891 full time teacher salaries!

These bags are wonderfully sturdy and durable and were so worth the cost. I use them whenever I shop at Vitamin Cottage as well as when I go to the other grocery store (Safeway). I’ve actually received several compliments on them by the checkers at Safeway. They are so impressed with how sturdy they are and how much more food you can fit into them. 🙂 I tell them to go to Vitamin Cottage and get some for themselves. 😉 Maybe I should tell them to tell their manager so that Safeway can start selling them too.

These bags are so functional I use them for more than just grocery shopping. Just today I used one for our towels, a diaper, clothes and some snacks when we went swimming with some friends at one of the city pools. They are so handy!

On one of my recent trips to Vitamin Cottage, they were giving away a free bag if you already had one or more, so I saved mine (it’s brand new and never been used) and would like to give it away to someone who can use it. It looks just like the one pictured above.

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave me a comment stating something “green” that you are doing to help make the world a better place. Please make sure you include a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. If you want to mention the contest and link to it on your blog, that would be super cool, but not required. Contest ends at midnight on Aug. 25 and the winner will be selected at random and announced later that day. Thanks! 🙂