Walkin’ the walk

Can someone please tell me how my li’l sweet baby can already be on the verge of toddlerhood? He’s only 9 months old. I’m not sure I’m ready for this!

15 thoughts on “Walkin’ the walk”

  1. Oh, you are in trouble now! What a cutie!
    Henry surprised me in the same way–he walked at 11 months, after being such a sick preemie!
    My theory is second child, mixed with lots of breastfeeding and wearing!

  2. That boys got the moves! He’s fast, too. WTG, Julian, and watch out, Mommy. ;o) Nadia was an early walker too…cruising/walking with one of theose walkers by 8 months, walking completely on her own by 10 months.

  3. LOOK AT HIM GO!!! These 2nd kids, I tell ya. They refuse to be babies 🙂

    (And I could never take video at my house to post bc my kids can trash my carpet faster than I can clean it back up…. 🙂 )

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