It takes two

It was a short weekend around here since Jody was working out in CA last week and didn’t get back home ’til late in the afternoon on Saturday. I felt like I needed another day to recuperate from his absence, but c’est la vie. The mommy show must go on.

Before he went on his trip, he left “I love you” notes scattered around the house. They were waiting for us to discover when we woke up that morning and we continued to find them while he was gone. On the coffee table, Julian’s changing pad, the front window, Ava’s carseat, tucked in a cereal box, on the calendar, etc. It was like a little treasure hunt for Ava (and, I admit it, me too). 🙂 He also painted “I love you” with Ava’s paints and left that at her spot at the dining room table and spelled it out in wooden blocks on the floor. 🙂 Very sweet.

Things around here went pretty well without Jody home, though it was tiring and I admit I am NOT fond of handling the bedtime routine with two kids by myself. I’ve decided that to practice attachment parenting during the bedtime rituals with two kids, you really need TWO parents – at least I do.

I lay down with Ava each night as she goes to sleep. She has a little mama’s milk, then rolls over and goes to sleep. It usually takes 10-15 minutes tops before she’s out like a light and then I get up and carry on with my evening. Attempting to do that with a squirmy, acrobatic nursing 9-month-old who likes to sing and chatter up a storm does not make for such a smooth transition. So a routine that usually takes 10 minutes turned into an hour. It was only after Julian finished his songs and gymnastics, settled down and nursed to sleep that it was quiet enough for Ava to fall asleep herself around 9 p.m. It was a good thing I started the routine early or we may have all been up ’til midnight.

I’m thankful to have my husband home and a part of the bedtime routine once again. It goes so much more smoothly with two parents participating. 🙂

I’m heading to bed now to try to play sleep catch-up. We’ve got music class in the morning and last week it was like an aerobic workout I tell ya. I need all the Zzzzzzs I can get before attempting that again.

Best Shot Monday – 9/10/07

Since I already shared a slew of pics from Ava’s first day of preschool, which I consider my best shots from the week but do not want to repost again, I will share this one (also from preschool, but not yet posted on the blog).


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