Night out

Jody and I are stealing away for a date night tonight. Yes, an evening out – without the kids! Aunt Carrie is babysitting and we are going out!

Where will our night out take us you ask?
For a romantic dinner? No.
To a movie? Nope.
A walk on the beach? (Yeah, I don’t know what beach either, but it sounded good.) Guess again.

Jody and I will be spending our night out at …
Ava’s preschool! 😉
It’s the first of several scheduled parent evenings as part of the Waldorf school.

Despite the fact that our night out will not be a romantic one (unless we sneak away to the playhouse in the backyard – *wink, wink*), I’m looking forward to it. These days I’ll take a night out however I can get it. he he. It’s funny how things can change so drastically once you have kids.

11 thoughts on “Night out”

  1. My three older attend a Waldorf school! We love it to pieces – we transferred them from a private Catholic school and the positive changes have been tremendous. I hope you enjoy your Waldorf experience as much as we do!

  2. Who are these people who think they can leave their precious progeny for an entire evening?

    Anyway, have fun on your hot date! Be safe. Like, um. Buckle your seatbelts or something.

    P.S. I did get the laptop lunchbox for my kid and I am blaming YOU when my husband realizes how much I spent. You know, peer pressure and all that. 🙂

  3. On our date nights we always end up going grocery shopping before we come home. How romantic is that? LOL! It is funny that we used to take for granted walking in a store with our Hunny, holding hands,and actually looking at stuff together vs. chasing the kids, corralling, sweating, getting frustrated etc…

  4. I know how you feel it’s also amazing how much even one night out with hubby helps my mood and gets me through the week

    I need to make a point in doing this more often..

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