how sweet it is

Lest any of you get the impression that because I am crunchy I do not indulge in crap that’s bad for me sweets, take a look below at what Jody bought for me last night.

First, a little back story. As you know, I had a migraine on Tuesday, which lessened throughout the day, but was still present last night. Usually my drug sweet of choice is frozen chocolate chips (because we always have some), but since Jody had to run out to the store to pick up some new deodorant (because I somehow lost his – I was cleaning up and put it “away” but now I have no idea where “away” is!) ,I asked him to pick me up a “big bag” of M&Ms to help with my headache. ‘Cuz chocolate is good for what ails ya, don’t ya know? 😉

He came home with this:

Big ass bag of M&Ms

Now is that a big ass bag or what? He thought nearly 3 lbs. of M&Ms would be funny in light of my request for a “big bag.” Apparently I should have specified a “big bag, but not a big ASS bag.” Sheesh. It better take me at least a month to work my way through that. Hahaha. Who am I kidding? It will be gone in a week, maybe two.

Also, what’s up with the “easy-to-use bag” (top left corner)? That cracked me up. I don’t recall ever meeting a bag that was not easy to use. Ahh, marketing. 🙂

The good news is that although I still had a migraine early this morning when I woke, I took some Ibuprofen and went back to bed. Julian threatened to wake up for the day at 7 and I knew I needed at least another hour so the drugs could kick in. That, and I was still incredibly tired from my late night moon chasing last night – more on that later. So I begged the universe (and my kids) to give me one more hour of sleep so that I could be a happier mom today. They didn’t wake me up until 9:10! Woohoo!!

So, how about you? What’s your sweet of choice?

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  1. This post cracked up up. What a sweetie (literally) Jody was!
    Ah yes, chocolate is of course the best tonic to heal. Gimme anything Dark and I’m good to go.
    And stupid marketing is one of my pet peeves.
    Check out yer little compliant children, all sleepin’ in on ya. They rock.

  2. Ice cream is my drug of choice. I used to be a closet ice cream eater until I was found out. I now eat it openly and during the day. Although, I am so bad. I tell my daughter she can’t have any and as soon as she goes to bed, I make a hit on my drug, Blue Bell Special Edition 100th Anniversary Cake ice cream. I am getting a high just thinking about it.

  3. OK – I am totally jealous… Not because of the M&M’s but my goodness your babies let you sleep until after 9? Did I read that right? 😉

    Ha – oh I can only dream. My daughter wakes up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 and also frequently during the night. I’m not human until at least 10 so some mornings it takes quite a bit of tea to get me going. LOL!

    Glad your migraine has left you. I find that when I get really bad ones – which is more often than I would like – doing a series of neck stretches in a low lit room – with some Ibprofin and peppermint halo – I can get rid of them within a few hours. I swear by my peppermint halo – it’s wonderful. That and I have recently started using a nasal flushing system that clears out my sinuses and since starting that my headaches have seriously decreased.

    PS – thumbs up to your hubby for being such a nice guy and also big points for his humour in the rather large bag!

  4. I have to say dark chocolate wins every time. I have flirtations with other sweets but my life partner is chocolate.

    I hear you on the headache. I know I need more sleep because thats where I get kicked – in the head. Oh for sleeping in babies!!

  5. AHHH! I am so jealous. I just quit the granulated cocaine – I mean sugar. I’m on day 5. I am living vicariously through you and your big ass bag of goodness.

    My sweet of choice would have to be chocolate something or other . . .

  6. Oh, my sweet tooth is going nuts right now looking at that bag! I have 2 sweets of choice right now, either Skittles, or M&M’s as well, but I like mixing the plain ones with the dark chocolate ones – yummy! drool… 🙂

    I hope your migraine is better and yay on the kids letting you sleep longer!

  7. Boy this goes to show how online stuff can be misinterpreted. Whenever you mentioned “Jody” I always thought this was a she, as in your “partner”. Funny story!

  8. How good that makes me feel that you indulge in sweets!! My sweet of choice? Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I literally can’t keep it in my freezer except on special occasions because I will eat it all in one sitting!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  9. Mmm….M&M’s. My choice too, or maybe Smarties. We tried the new Dark chocolate M&M’s on the weekend. Usually I don’t like it when they mess with candy, but this was a good move. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  10. i like m&m’s too…what a nice-sized bag! i always think that those bags marked “fun size” — you know, the really little ones, should really be as big as that bag you got. now that’s FUN size!

    i am so jealous that your kids slept that late. we are definitely in the 5:30-6:00 routine right now which is just…oy!
    glad you’re feeling better.

  11. Sorry to hear about the migraine. BLAH.

    OH man all chocolate will do for me 🙂 BUT when I need a good sweet fix I go for the reese’s pieces sundae from Friendly’s. SOO yummy!!

    JANE-My most favorite ice cream is Bryers MCC as well. I have 2 gallons in the freezer as we speak. LOL…I love it when it goes on sale 😉

  12. Heh, well you did ask for a BIG bag. ;o) Kudos to you if it does last over a week.
    Me, Iv’e got a fondness for chocolate AND ice cream!
    I’m glad you’re feeling nbetetr today.

  13. HA! We must have really similar DHs! lol

    Last week I had a migraine (awful!) and DH called on his way home and offered to bring me a cookie dough blizzard (My “drug” of choice) which I was more than happy to accept! 🙂

    When he shows up, he has the extra large, with an extra cup of cookie dough on the side! Mmmm. It was a little much, but I happily finished it off within 3 days!

    And it did the trick! Glad we are both feeling better and our chocolate worked! Nothin wrong with a little chocolate to go with our “Crunch”, Amy! 🙂

  14. Holy shiznit! i dont think I have ever seen that big of a bag of M&M’s before! My drug..umm..sweets choice is M&MS or a hershy choclate bar with almonds..yum! …..great…now I am craving sweets! lol

  15. OMG, you had me LOL.

    My migraine remedy of choice is 3 advil, CHOCOLATE, caffeine (preferably a mocha or something with caramel on it), CHOCOLATE, and sleep is always good. Bonus points for a massage or hot tub.

    My sweets of choice: Take 5 (for PMS), Peanut Butter M&M’s (for depression), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (for either, or both, heh).
    Right now, though, since I’m on an elimination diet for bf my son, I can’t have dairy or chocolate or caffeine. So I’m having sweet tarts and nerds and silly candy I haven’t had since jr. high.

    Loved this post!

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