Best Shot Monday – 10/1/07

I finally was able to take some pictures of the moon this past week, and of the Harvest Moon no less! It was a lot of fun, but I quickly realized I’m going to need a much bigger lens if I want to get good shots of the moon. It’s just so dang far away! ;oP

This was taken with one of my zoom (kit) lenses at 150 mm, which is as close as I can get. I cropped a TON of black space out of this picture to get it to look like this. In fact, I’ll share the original pre-cropped below so you can see for yourself. Edited to add settings: ISO 200, f 11, 1/250 and here’s a site where I got some tips before I attempted it: Take a picture of the moon.

Best shot:
Harvest moon - 9/25/07
Same picture before cropping:
Same picture pre-cropped

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One more reminder – today is World Vegetarian Day. That means no meat all day. C’mon – you can do it! 🙂 More on WVD later.

19 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 10/1/07”

  1. Nice! Just the other day I was wondering how to capture the magic of the Harvest Moon. It looked nearly orange, and HUGE on the horizon one night. Such a perfect sight!

  2. I was hoping we’d get to see the results of your moon chasing adventure! Great shot, very clear and crisp…and the black is perfectly black. i love that contrast.

  3. I know what you mean – I look up in the sky and see a HUGE beautiful moon, but as soon as I take a photo it’s like a pin prick.

    LOVE the composition of your photo!!!!!

  4. awesome! thanks for the tips, we had a gorgeous, orange, huge harvest moon here the other night, but i couldn’t really get a good shot of it from anywhere. we are all enchanted with the moon right now, have to say “good night” to it before we go to bed, etc.

  5. I think that’s a fantastic shot of the moon! Even if you had to crop, you could still see a lot of the features on the surface. Excellent photo!

  6. We had a lunar eclipse here last month (I think) and DH took some okay pics with his enormous lens… amongst mutterings about some other lens that was bigger and better and altogether desirable! LOL!

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