Eat your veggies day

World Vegetarian Day
Today, Oct. 1, 2007, is World Vegetarian Day – the annual kick-off of Vegetarian Awareness Month. We eat vegetarian meals several days of the week in this house, but I made a point of selecting only vegetarian meals for this week, and especially today.

We started off the day with cereal and fruit and had leftover pumpkin and black bean soup for lunch (a favorite of both Ava and Julian who had his first bowl full last night for dinner). Jody said he even chose to even vegetarian while at work today, which isn’t that big of a deal considering he used to be a vegetarian for seven years, but he seems to like his meat these days.

For dinner I am making a spinach and chard quiche which calls for tofu instead of eggs (though I may still throw in a couple eggs). The rest of the week will include dinners like Spinach Lasagna, Fall Minestrone Soup, G-Z Burgers (G for Garbanzo beans and Z for Zucchini – a recipe I got from Isil a long time ago) and a few others that I haven’t committed to yet.

How about you? Are you going meatless today? What veggie meals are you eating?
Special thanks to everyone who signed up to ‘go veggie for a day’ below. You rock! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Eat your veggies day”

  1. How did I miss that you were doing this?!?

    Coincidently we are eating vegetarian today. We tend to eat a predominantly vegetarian diet. Flexatarian is what I heard it called and now call ourselves.

    Do your kids eat soup well? With a spoon? Maybe I need to try harder with mine…

    ps – that chickpea lunch recipe that you didn’t know where it came from is from me! *wink* One of our favorite summer meals.

  2. We’re having home made mac and cheese tonight because it’s just one of those nights. And while it’s not packed with nutrients, it’s meat free. That counts, right!? 😉

  3. Let’s see… today I had watermelon for breakfast, will have flax crackers with avocado, tahini and cucumber for lunch, and I have no idea what I’ll eat for dinner! Probably soup with tempeh and/or salad. Then again, I’m treating an illness with food instead of medication (which is working very, very well!).

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