Kitchen appliance lovin’

How, oh how, is it that I’ve gone through the past several years of my life without a food processor? I’ll tell ya how. I honestly didn’t think they were necessary which is why I never put one on my wedding registry in the first place. I figured a blender was just as good and, over the years, I’ve attempted to use my blender for anything and everything. But the thing is, of course, it’s not just as good. In fact, it often didn’t work very well at all and I’d spend far too much time getting frustrated and cursing the damn thing, but I didn’t have the money to plunk down on a new food processor, so I made do. Until today.

A friend of mine was recently gifted with an 11-cup super-wowee food processor. And she needs it. In addition to having an extensive garden, this woman cooks up all sorts of delicious foods. When I learned that she would no longer be using her old food processor I figured it couldn’t hurt for me to ask her if she’d be willing to sell it to me. She had no plans for it and was happy to pass it my way.

I used it today for the first time. First to grate a zucchini. Then to grind up some chickpeas. Oh.My.God. That thing is amazing. I’m honestly a little bit intimidated by it and it’s power. First of all, it’s a Kitchenaid. I’ve never owned a Kitchenaid appliance before. I’ve heard they were amazing, but I did not have any first-hand experience with one. Well, I’m totally a believer now and can understand why it’d be worth it to spend the extra money to get one. This food processor was a wedding gift to my friend 9 years ago, but it still works as if it were brand new. Love it. LOVE IT!

I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted in the past hand chopping and grating and trying, trying and trying again to get my blender to puree foods. But no more. That is all in the past.

I’m in love with a kitchen appliance. Ya can’t get much more domestic than that.

How about you? Do you have a kitchen appliance you just can’t live without? What is it and what do you love about it? 🙂