Kitchen appliance lovin’

How, oh how, is it that I’ve gone through the past several years of my life without a food processor? I’ll tell ya how. I honestly didn’t think they were necessary which is why I never put one on my wedding registry in the first place. I figured a blender was just as good and, over the years, I’ve attempted to use my blender for anything and everything. But the thing is, of course, it’s not just as good. In fact, it often didn’t work very well at all and I’d spend far too much time getting frustrated and cursing the damn thing, but I didn’t have the money to plunk down on a new food processor, so I made do. Until today.

A friend of mine was recently gifted with an 11-cup super-wowee food processor. And she needs it. In addition to having an extensive garden, this woman cooks up all sorts of delicious foods. When I learned that she would no longer be using her old food processor I figured it couldn’t hurt for me to ask her if she’d be willing to sell it to me. She had no plans for it and was happy to pass it my way.

I used it today for the first time. First to grate a zucchini. Then to grind up some chickpeas. Oh.My.God. That thing is amazing. I’m honestly a little bit intimidated by it and it’s power. First of all, it’s a Kitchenaid. I’ve never owned a Kitchenaid appliance before. I’ve heard they were amazing, but I did not have any first-hand experience with one. Well, I’m totally a believer now and can understand why it’d be worth it to spend the extra money to get one. This food processor was a wedding gift to my friend 9 years ago, but it still works as if it were brand new. Love it. LOVE IT!

I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted in the past hand chopping and grating and trying, trying and trying again to get my blender to puree foods. But no more. That is all in the past.

I’m in love with a kitchen appliance. Ya can’t get much more domestic than that.

How about you? Do you have a kitchen appliance you just can’t live without? What is it and what do you love about it? 🙂

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  1. The food processor is the only appliance that is still on my Kitchen Wish List. I come across recipe after recipe that suggest using one (salsa, pesto, pie crusts, etc) Many things I’ve tried to make anyway, without the food processor, but I’m SURE it would be easier with one. Good luck, and enjoy your new toy!

  2. I have a kitchen-aid standing mixer, which I love. I don’t know how I went for so many years holding an electric beater until my doughs were mixed. I also use it to kneed bread (something I hate to do most of the time). I love it.

    I also love my immersion blender, but that’s a story for another day.

  3. Maybe I’ll have to give the food processer thing a try after all. My Mom rarely used hers growing up, claiming it’s too much of a pain to wash it for the slight convenience it offered. But you’re making it sound pretty darn useful…

  4. I couldn’t live without my food processor! I use it at least daily. In fact, I got so tired of moving my food processor back and forth from the mountains, that I got a second one. My new one is a Kitchenaid also and it is FABULOUS!

  5. I love my mandolin slicer!! and my Kitchen aid stand mixer. Love the post about the gum by the way. We just saw a show of food network that showed how it was made.

  6. When I started dating my husband he came with a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. To me a mixer is a mixer, but after using a Kitchen Aid for many years now I have to admit — they are superior in every possible way.

  7. I didn’t use my food processor much until I made baby food in big batches. What a lifesaver! It really is much better than a blender for those kind of things.

    My favorite “appliance” right now is really just a pampered chef rice cooker for the microwave. I use it ALL the time and it’s easy to clean up.

  8. i love my food processor too and also my kitchenaid stand mixer. they take up a lot of kitchen space but they are both totally worth it. the only other thing i use with any frequency is my handmixer or blender. any other gadgets? imho they jsut take up space!

  9. Same as you I love kitchen appliance! We have a nice fod preocessor, blender, hand blender, babyfood preocesseor, I also love a nice big toaster oven for baking medien size stuff and my very must have is a crock pot!!!! a real life saver!!!

    Thanks for the post Amy!

  10. I have a few appliances that I use occasionally and love them every time I use them– I just don’t “need” them daily!

    My food processor is one — it’s a cuisinart and way cool…

    I have a hand-me-down Kitchenaid stand mixer that is a necessity at Christmas time and a few other times in the year too…

  11. I love Kitchenaid stuff! I have their mixer and I would LOVE their food processor. I’m so jealous! 🙂 I only have a little baby processor, and I have to do everything in batches. *sigh*

    I actually watched one of those “How do they make that?” shows about kitchenaid. They’re very well made. 😉

  12. A few year ago, we got a new stove and I switched to an electric with a glass-top range. I love the glass top range! Not only is it super easy to clean, it also provides additional counter space when the range is not in use.

  13. That post cracked me right up! I got a food processor for our wedding, but never mastered it and rarely use it. My appliance **love** is my blender. Not any old blender, mind you. Last year we broke down and got a Vita-Mix, and now I don’t know how I could have existed without one. We make Groovy Green Smoothies almost daily (just search for it on my blog, I think you’d love it); I made all Josh’s baby food myself, and this thing gives me a puree like I had never seen – especially with meat; and now that I’m making all our bread, I use it to grind fresh wheat. And that’s just the start! It’s the same brand that they use at Jamba Juice, but the home version is a lot less expensive. We got ours on a fantastic deal at Costco. And no, I don’t work for them, but MAN maybe I should!

  14. I lurve my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Use it all the time for all kinds of things. I also love my stick blender for baby food and puree-ing soups.

    And then there is my dish washer. And the espresso machine. And my oven.

  15. We have an ooooooollllldd Kitchen Aid processor that came with Tim. The center spindle in the bowl broke off a few years ago so I can only do dry or dry-ish things in it now (grating and chopping, no pureeing). It should be as simple as calling Kitchen Aid and ordering a replacement bowl, but I’ve spent years debating about whether to spend $30 on a bowl or ask for a whole new one. I want to look a the new ones as my ooooollllddd one is a beast. It’s enormous and heavy – and works GREAT so I want to see how new ones compare. Plus, it’s the size of my matchbox kitchen, so I can’t keep it on the counter anyways, which sort of kills the buzz 😉 So I feel the food processor love only halfway 😉

    OOOOOO! Make bread in it!!! It’s too awesome!!!

    I love my hand blender too. That’s a useful appliance around here.

  16. I agree with the food processor love! However, I’m going to say that my live without kitchen appliance is my VitaMix. Best.thing.ever! It has revolutionized my kitchen existence!

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