Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon – a review and a contest

Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, and while it is only Oct. 5, I’m happy to say I have not had any meat yet this month. It honestly hasn’t been hard for me, but then again, I don’t eat meat all that often to begin with. Anyway, the reason I mention veggie month is because my next review and contest is all about a vegetarian dragon! ๐Ÿ™‚

I received a copy of the book “Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon” from Barefoot Books and was immediately impressed by the beautiful and vibrant illustrations. The book is about a dragon named Herb who tends to a nice vegetable garden in the forest and is a vegetarian, unlike the rest of the carnivorous dragons in the forest, lead by Meathook, who enjoy raiding the castle for amusement (and tasty eats). The knights of the castle set forth to rid the forest of the meat-eating dragons, but the meat-eaters hear of their plan and hide out in a cave. Meanwhile Herb is the only dragon left in the forest. The knights find him, assume he is a meat-eater as well and capture him. Herb is about to meet his fate at the mouths of hungry alligators when an unlikely hero emerges and saves the day.

Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon is a story about diversity, acceptance and living together in harmony. I do want to note that it’s recommended for ages 4-10 and I have to agree that the content is a bit more mature than toddler-level. When the book first arrived in the mail, I read it to Ava (3) before I had read it for myself or realized it was meant for older children. (Oops.) While she expressed some concern about Herb’s safety and other parts of the book, I explained it to her well and she did OK with it. We have since read the book a few times and she knows how it ends which I think reassures her that Herb will be OK even when the knights are tying him up.

Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon would make a great addition to any child’s library. The illustrations are gorgeous and the book teaches some valuable lessons about life.

Barefoot Books – founded by two moms in 1993 – “offers products that are thoughtfully written, beautifully designed and illustrated, and have high educational value.” If Herb isn’t your cup of tea, check out the rest of the site. There’s a huge variety of books available – many of which celebrate other cultures. I love that their books are free of media, toy or candy references, and are unique and meaningful children’s literature. Most of the paperback books sell for $6.99 and the hardcover books sell for between $16.99-19.99. I suggest keeping Barefoot Books in mind for birthdays and holiday shopping for the kids this year.

Win it!

If you’d like to win your own copy of Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon, please leave me a COMMENT below STATING WHAT BOOK YOU LIKE BEST FROM BAREFOOT BOOKS. Make sure to include a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. The deadline to enter is Tuesday, Oct. 16. The winner will be chosen at random (using random.org) and announced on Oct. 17. It’s not required, but please feel free to post about this contest on your blog if you’d like to share the love. ๐Ÿ™‚

65 thoughts on “Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon – a review and a contest”

  1. I like The Boy Who Grew Flowers by Jen Wojtowicz. My little boy is always bringing me flowers, and if he can’t find a flower, he brings me a blade of grass. So sweet!

  2. OMG! I’ve been pining for this book for months, but didn’t know anything about the publisher. What a fantastic company. I can’t wait to check out more of their books, especially the seasonal things! Thanks for yet another awesome give away!!

  3. I like the Creepy Crawly Calypso because it looks fun, is about music, and our cat’s name is Calypso.

    I also like the idea of the vegetarian dragon!

    mamaluxe at gmail dot com

  4. I would like the Welcome To the World book about birth and babies in many cultures!

    Amy, I’m giving your sling away to my friend this weekend! She is due any day and her 18-month old daughter is going to LOVE the sling!

  5. I’m so excited I found this! I’ve been wanting this book for months ever since a friend showed it to me, but it had been given to her and she had no idea at all about the publisher. I have now fallen in love with a wonderful store. They have so many awesome products but if I really had to choose one over the others, it would have to be The Barefoot Book of Blessings. I’ll certainly be posting about this one!

  6. i went looking around and i think i’m going to go back and buy the stories on cd called “knights” because that’s what my almost-6-y-o is into…what a fun site! hope i win the book!:-)

  7. Oh! I want this book!! Right now our favorite book from Barefoot Books is Bear About Town, though I have a feeling if I win this it will be our new favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh wow, wow you’ve made me excited about BareFoot Books!! They sound and look fantastic! Would love to win this Veggie Dragon book! I love the Noah’s Ark Biblical story book.

  9. Hey A,
    I really like the looks of the Irish folk book. I like books that give my kiddos a slice of culture and this one sounds divine. ๐Ÿ™‚
    All of there books look awesome though and I’m going to send their site to fam for the holiday ideas!

  10. Hi!

    I posted you wonderful contest on Familyzip.com…a great site for families! I love Barefoot Books! I love “My Daddy’s a Pretzel” the most….but Herb may be my next favorite!

  11. Gigantic Turnip sounds fun to me! Anything that can help get kids excited about eating well… I also can’t wait to get my hands on Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon!

  12. I found ‘Animal Boogie’at Edinburgh Book Festival in September and have used it many many times in a school for children with additional support needs. They love it.

  13. Wow, they have some really great stuff! My favorite would be the Barefoot Book of Classic Poems. My daughter loves poetry and I will remember this when it comes time for holiday shopping!

  14. My toddler loves dragons, this would be a great one to win. Of the Barefoot books, my favorite is Off We Go to Mexico. I love that they have so many multi-cultural books.

  15. We all love “We All Went On Safari” but my own personal faves are Herb, Stories from the Opera, and Lady of Ten Thousand Names.

  16. I would love to read “I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur” to my boys. They love dinosaurs. We have the book “We All Went On Safari” and I love that one as well. We read it frequently before bed. thanks for the great contest!

  17. I have posted about this (because it looks like a fantastic book!), but won’t enter because I think it would be a little cheeky of me after my recent spat of good luck…

  18. I will have to get this book (if I don’t win it) for my daughter. She is so passionate about animals that she decided 8 mths ago to become vegetarian. She doing wonderfully.

  19. Ive never heard of this company, but there books look lovely. I think my favorite from looking at them might be The Animal Boogie. I would love to enter your contest. Thanks.

  20. We love Bear About Town – my sons lovey is a bear and its fun to imagine- Bear out and about=).
    He loves dragons though so Herb might be a new favorite. Thank you!

  21. I haven’t read any Barefoot Books to be honest. So this will be my first and I would love to read it to my daughter who has just started experiencing the joys of a book. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. What fun, its great to see everyone’s suggestions
    I like
    Lady Of Ten Thousand Names
    Goddess Stories from Many Cultures
    Retold by: Burleigh Mut
    Illustrated by: Helen Cann

  23. I’m a new parent looking for some books, so I’m excited to look into this line. It sounds very positive! (Sorry that I don’t have a favorite yet.)

    Please enter me to win so I can become a huge fan! Thanks.

  24. I just ADORE The “BAREFOOT BOOKS” site!
    I have adored childrens books all my life!!!
    At this Moment am working on a Specail
    “I SPY Dragon Quilt” for my 3 year old nephew.
    8 years of collecting the perfect Dragon quilt prints
    “Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon” Looks DIVINE!!!! LOVE TO WIN!!!
    I am looking at their dazzling array of the most magnificent books for children
    & children of all ages for the first time!!
    “The Boy Who Grew Flowers”, “The Tear Thief” & “My Daddyรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs a Pretzel” are my next choices!!!

    A Giant “Thank You” for Introducing Me to “BBooks” and “Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon”

  25. I haven’t read any of the Barefoot Books yet, but Barefoot Book of Blessings looks really neat and I’ve added it to my book list.

  26. I’d like the Barefoot Book of Fairytales, cause I love all sorts of fairy tale retellings.

    The vegetarian Dragon sounds a bit to me like Dragon Soup, a book I loved as a child, about a boy who gets a job as King’s Chef because he says he can make “Dragon soup.” Then a dragon is caught and the boy is put to the test….

  27. I have been wanting this book because I have been vegetarian for 13 years and have thus far raised my 3-year-old son vegetarian, against incredible pressure from family!
    I have not read other Barefoot Books but am quite interested in their “one world, one spirit” books which promote multiculturalism. We have worked in Asia for 5 years and plan to go back soon!

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