Boobs, votes & friends

I’ve had a super productive Monday morning here (two loads of laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, trash emptied) and I might as well continue the streak over on my blog. I’ve got a few bloggy matters that need addressing so I figured I’d cover them all in one fell swoop.

  • GET YOUR BOOBIES ON: Don’t forget the Great Virtual Breast Fest is happening at 10 a.m. (your local time) on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Check out The League of Maternal Justice for more information. And check out the video they put together of so many happy breast-fed babes. 🙂
  • GET YOUR VOTING ON: Mom 4 Life is having a month of contests in October and the voting is underway for Week 1. You can help select a winner! Go check out the photos (they had to include “Mom 4 Life” in them) and vote for your favorites today. (If you want to vote for me, my photo is (aa) – the bicep/tattoo.) Voting will close at 9 PM PST on Oct. 11. And if you haven’t yet entered her contests, there’s still time for some of them so head on over there.
  • GET YOUR FRIENDSHIP ON: Just for kicks, I joined CafeMom over the weekend. If you have a membership over there, please feel free to look me up (amygeekgrl) and send me a friend invite. I am sure there are a ton of people I know there, but without your usernames I don’t know how to track everyone down. Thanks! 🙂

Best Shot Monday – 10/8/07 – Laundry basket fun

Hanging out in the laundry basket - Oct. 2007
Sigh. I love them so much. I especially love Julian’s little hand holding onto Ava’s head and how cute and lovey they look here. I should note though that this picture was taken right before the one of Julian trying to eat Ava’s face. He’s got five teeth now, so ya don’t want him chewing on your head. 😉

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