An anatomy lesson with a 3-year-old

I overheard this conversation between Ava (3) and Jody AKA Daddy while I stepped out of the kitchen to use the bathroom this evening.

Ava: Where’d mommy go?
Daddy: To the bathroom.
Ava: Why?
Daddy: Because she has to pee.
Ava: Why?
Daddy: Because she drank a lot of water so her bladder is full.
Ava: You poop out of your vagina.
Daddy: No, you poop out of your…(pause)…your anus. And you pee out of your urethra.
Ava: What do you use your vagina for?
Daddy: Pause.
That’s a little more complicated. We’ll talk about that when you get older.

(Note: I hesitated before posting this for fear of attracting perverts, so if you are indeed a pervert, please take your leave now. “There’s nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.”)

14 thoughts on “An anatomy lesson with a 3-year-old”

  1. It’s where babies come from ! Love your blog saw this on blogrush and feel your pain.
    We have 3 girls here 2 of which are from my first marriage,trust me its A LOT easier to start straight talking early.

    My X had my two believing that they couldn’t have babies if they weren’t married – BIG MISTAKE- Our other daughter has been taught from day one about the facts, as well as good touch bad touch etc and she deals with sexual issues much better than the other two.
    They are all closing in on puberty now and I wish I had it to do over again with the first two.Start teaching her now!!!

  2. barry – i tried to email my response to you but it kept bouncing back to me.

    anyway, here’s what i said…
    thanks for your comments. 🙂
    jody said he actually spaced the part about that’s where babies come out of and was only thinking about that’s how babies get in. 😉
    my daughter was actually present for the birth of her brother (a home birth) so she’s pretty educated on the topic of vaginas, we’re just not ready for the sex talk w/ a 3 yr old yet. 😉

    crunchy domestic goddess

  3. Hee hee! Good job Daddy. Tim knows he has a “wee tank” inside him and that it comes out his penis; though he did tell me the other day that he has a water tank, a milk tank and a juice tank. Hmmmm. And #2’s have been pretty clear to him since he got the potty training business sorted.

    Not quite ready for the where do babies come from talk… at this stage he thinks they come out the belly button.

  4. LOL Love it! My oldest got to witness his brother’s birth so we had a mild “the talk” before hand. he still educates strangers in the grocry store if I don’t stop him. LOL

  5. we haven’t been doing to well with the anotomy lessons at our house. my 4 yr old son insists that he has “man cans” makes milk and the other makes juice. his baby likes the juice can better.

  6. Too funny!!!

    S asked me a few months ago how babies got in Mommy’s tummy. I replied that Mommies have an egg and Daddy plants a seed and it makes a baby (it was the best I could do on short notice!! T is still mad at me!!). He said “Ok. [long pause] Wait a minute! A seed!? Where does that come from!?” D’Oh! I agree, good topic…not this young!

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