To all my vegan friends

Help! I’d like to buy a vegan cookbook (just one) so that I can start experimenting with vegan meals once or twice a week. I am looking for something with relatively easy to make, quick if possible and kid-friendly (in that the meals aren’t so elaborate that the kids will turn up their noses) recipes. I’m mostly looking for dinners though desserts are always welcome too. 😉

So my question is: what is your favorite vegan cookbook and why?

Thank you! 🙂

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  1. Hi! Ok, not a cookbook recommendation, but I wanted to let you know about an awesome new website,, where you can order home delivery from some of the best vegan restaurants in the country… It is sooooooo deliciously amazing – the best food I’ve ever had. Just in case you’re in the mood to let someone else do the cooking!
    Best to you on your vegan adventure. Since going vegan (to help end the insane cruelty against farm animals) I’ve never felt better.

  2. Oh, that’s a toughie! Well, be sure that you know all the tricks of the trade with the products listed here, and then maybe check out Vegetarian Times (if you don’t get it already)- most recipes in there are vegan friendly or easily adapted. Also, the Tasty Vegan Blog is helpful (altho needing to be updated- sorry!) I’ll be interested in tips you get! The two Vegan cookbooks I use are Vegan with a Vengeance and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, but I’ll be honest that I use more Internet and Veg. Times recipes than anything else!


  3. For kid-friendly vegan recipes check out Vegan Lunch Box (and the corresponding blog at The recipes are delicious and kid approved. Also, I have had a lot of luck modifying them for more “grown-up” versions when I wanted to. It’s a great book, and I believe a new version is going to be released soon.

  4. I second vegan lunch box, I think herbivore still have copies of the current edition.

    We have heaps of vegan cookbooks in our house, have a look at the amazon links you can view samples of most. I haven’t tried any on kids yet, herself is still very small!

    Vegan family favs has some good ideas but is a bit overly simple if you cook a lot. V with a vengeance might be a bit complicated for kid’s tastes? Sarah Kramer’s La dolce vegan is good!

  5. I don’t have many vegan cookbooks,just 5.My fav. is Dreena Burton.I like it because her recipes are really tasty,some are regulars in our household.They don’t require too much time (she is also a busy mom of 2 young kids;) )I don’t want to rely too much on soy products and she thinks the same.Almost with all recipes there are some alternative recommendations if you’d like a wheat free or gluten free version.I have 2 of her books and 3rd one is on the way to our home. (Vive Le Vegan has a section for babies and toddlers)Check out her blog if you’d like to.I recently bought Isa Moskowitz’s Vegan With a Vengeance.I tried a few recipes and like it.I may be wrong but as far as I flipped through the pages I saw that some recipes require more time than I can devote ;)By the way,you wanted a recipe from that book,I will e-mail it to you soon.

  6. i must put out another vote for vegan lunch box, it has lots of nice simple kid-friendly-but-also-grown-up-friendly recipes that are not so complex…and i am a fan of vegan with a vengeance too.

    i recommend taking a bunch of them out of the library (my library lets me search others, to get a larger selection, does yours?) and then choosing, or copying the one or two recipes and trying them out before you buy…that’s what i usually do. i find that i might like one or two recipes in a cookbook which makes it really silly to buy the whole thing. if i find that the whole thing looks great, then i’ll go out and look on amazon for used copies first….

  7. S. at often posts really great vegan recipes. You might want to check out this interesting blog, it’s similar to yours in crunchiness!

  8. I have a bunch of recipes I have from a macrobiotic cooking class I took a long time ago that I still use – especially ones involving sea veggies. I also have a raw foods cookbook I like called “Rawsome that is from a local author. I have made sev’l of those recipes which my son liked especially the flax crackers (need a dehydrator for this) and some desserts. The raw foods recipes require planning ahead bec. alot is made on the dehydrator or sprouted overnight, etc. Yummy though. Lmk if you want to see it.

  9. I’m a huge Isa Moskowitz fan, still I borrowed Vegan With a Vengeance from the library before buying it. Sadly, it didn’t rock my world like I thought it might. So, now I just go to the Post Punk Kitchen site for her recipes. I majorly puffy heart her cupcake book, even though I won’t get to jazz my cakes to the food porn level that she does until at least 2020.

    My current favorite cookbook is The Candle Cafe Cookbook (a NYC restaurant). There’s a big variety and covers everything from appetizers to dessert. This week we’ve had veggie herbed-tofu lasgna and paradise casserole (layer of millet, cuban black beans and spiked sweet potatoes). The only down side is that many of the recipes take some time to prepare and many ingredients to make it taste just right.

    Interestingly, Cathe Olson’s “Simply Natural Babyfood” has fab-o vegan recipes (as well as a few non-veg) for the entire family. She also has another cookbook for preg/nursing Mamas. Haven’t tried that one yet, but any cookbook with Tofu-Mushroom Stroganoff is one I’ve gotta have.

    I could go on and on…hopefully we can get together soon and share more.

  10. I’m not vegan, but can I still answer? My favorite vegan cookbooks are How It All Vegan and The Garden of Vegan (same authors). Easy, good, and a lot of child-friendly recipes.

    AND will you email me? I have my laptop on my trip and all me email addresses at home! I want to answer your question about copywriting.

  11. Hey Amy,
    I have a few but it’s hard to say what my favorite is. I guess I use several recipes from ‘How it all Vegan’. I also have Vegan Vittles, Everday Vegan, Vegan Crockpot and a Marilu Henner THM book that has some really good vegan recipes. I also have a few Moosewood cookbooks. I was going to tell you that we are moving back up to your city next month. Maybe we should start a recipe book ‘swap’ where every month or 2 we swap a book to see what ones sound interesting…also I see the library has a few books. 🙂

  12. I just picked up the greatest vegan cookbood – The Voluptuous Vegan. The author is a gourmet chef, so her recipes move well beyond all of the fake meats and tofu laden recipes to more whole foods. It is THE cookbook for the vegan who is looking to not be labeled as a crunchy(!) vegan 🙂

    She presents recipes as groupings of meals, so it’s perfect for dinner parties too!

  13. I haven’t been in love with any of the vegan cookbooks I’ve purchased. Sure, I can find a few great recipes here and there but a lot of them are also duds. My favorite thing to do is to check them out from the library. This way I can copy recipes I find interesting and if they turn out well, I consider buying the book. Our library has an online inter-county book loan so I can go online, search for a cookbook, and they’ll deliver it to my small, local library. It’s awesome.

    I find that I rely heavily on the internet and blogs though. I like the fact that other people give their honest feedback. That is one thing cookbooks don’t have.

    A great site is FatFreeVegan. If you click on the link, you can search all the other blogs she reads for something you’re interested in making. This is helpful because they’re usually pretty honest about recipes.

    I also like theppk and vegweb for recipes with ratings and comments.

    For kids, I would probably have to recommend Vegan Lunch Box. For super simple meals, the Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook is great but I do find I have to spice them up a bit.

  14. I would also second Vegan Lunch Box – great blog and great recipe book.

    I also like Vegan with a Vengeance, but it might not be the best one for kids (mine doesn’t eat anything more than pureed foods yet). However, Isa has a new cookbook coming out – Veganomicon – that might be worth checking out. She bills it as being full of really simple recipes and has a few samples up on the PPK –

    Finally, the web is definitely a great resource. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen is full of wonderful recipes, for example.

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