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156155142v13_150x150_front_230793172v16_150x150_front_colorblacMy home team, the Colorado Rockies, are playing the Boston Red Sox, home team of Tanya from The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog in the World Series this week. Tanya thought a friendly bet was in order and I agreed that, even though I am not a baseball fan, a little bloggy bet sounded like fun.

We’ve agreed that if the Rockies win the series she’ll give away one her breastfeeding coalition‘s “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” t-shirts (see her store), and if the Red Sox win I’ll give away one of my “I Make Milk. What’s your Superpower?” shirts (see my store). We’ll announce how to win one once the series is over.

Play ball! (Go Rockies!)

6 thoughts on “Get your game on”

  1. The link to her store isnt working for me…anyone else having trouble?

    anyways, I would love to have a breastfeeding shirt even though my boobies have been off of work for a few months now I still support breastfeeding 100%
    I keep wanting to break down and buy a I make milk whats your super power shirt but I am not sure if its stupid or not to buy a shirt if I am not breastfeeding.

  2. My husband would be upset to see me type this, but I’m glad they won. The other shirt looks cool, too, but I’ve been hoping for a contest with a chance to win your Superpower shirt for months!

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