Best Shot Monday – 10/29/07


I’m totally cheating this week and instead of selecting one picture for Best Shot Monday, I’m posting a a whole lot of them from our Halloween parade/trick-or-treating adventure on Saturday. What with a cute furry lion and a sweet sleepy zebra, it was impossible to choose just one to share. 😉

My two jungle animals arriving at the parade:
J and A 10/27/07

Cute and roaring lion:
Sweet Ava lion 10/27/07 Growly girl 10/27/07

The kids and daddy (dressed as a park ranger) watching the marching band go by:
Jody with J and A watching the parade - 10/27/07

Getting some candy 10/27/07 A checking out her loot 10/27/07

Julian decided he was going to get his nap in:
Sleepy zebra 10/27/07

Walking down Main Street after trick-or-treating:
Walking down Main Street 10/27/07

A tired out lion heading back to the car:
Heading back to the car 10/27/07Tired out lion 10/27/07

As Julian slept, he sunk further and further down into his costume:
Still sleeping 10/27/07Sinking farther into his costume 10/27/07

“I’m awake. What did I miss?”:
The zebra wakes up 10/27/07Hi daddy 10/27/07

“Where’s Julian? … There he is!””
Where’s Julian? 10/27/07There he is 10/27/07

For the record, we let Ava have a piece of gum and some animal crackers (she really didn’t get all that much candy) from trick-or-treating. Then we told her about the “natural candy” we had instead in the car. “Is it good for your body?” she asked. 😉 “No, not exactly good for your body, honey, but better for it than the other stuff,” I replied. She was pleased with the swap. No need for the candy fairy this year, but maybe next. I do rather like that idea.

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21 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 10/29/07”

  1. Oh, these pictures make me miss Colorado. The beautiful leaves. That Halloween parade went right past my store. The year I was there, it rained and got canceled. We had to watch all of the damp and dejected kids trudging past.

    Your kids look adorable. I love the picture on her daddy’s shoulders with her tail hanging down. And who can resist a sweet, sleeping zebra?

  2. VERY CUTE! looks like Ava had a blast! Did Julian get mistakened for a girl..being a Zebra? My son is a monkey and we went to this trick or treat shindig..and I got asked a lot if he was a boy or a a boy cant be a monkey!?!

    Happy Halloween Amy,Ava, and Julian!

  3. So cute!
    Have you heard of the Switch Witch? She comes on Halloween night, takes your candy, and replaces it with a new toy! Supposedly kids are usually pretty content to trade the candy for a new toy. She is going to be coming to our house this year, but I’m not sure how well it will go over with Kate!

  4. those are a couple of super cute critters you got there! i love how julian was slipping down into his costume. looks like you had a great time and got lots of wonderful pictures.

  5. Well, I’m glad you posted more than one. And how nice to have a trick or treating even in the daylight. Pictures turn out so much better. AND, I may just try that candy fairy thing.

  6. My two adorable grandkids look even more adorable in their Halloween costumes. It looks like Ava had a good time-love her trick-or-treating bag. Great shots, Amy, but where is a picture of Mommy? Happy Halloween! Wish we could see you all in person today, one of my favorite holidays.

  7. They look SO cute!! I love their costumes! Did you buy them or did Mama S. make them? So bummed that it’s their first Halloween apart…sniff, sniff. We missed you all!

    Hugs and love!
    🙂 B.

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