Got laptop?

Am I the only blogger out there without a laptop? Surely not, but I tell ya, I sure feel like it sometimes. I know I could make much better use of my time if I was able to carry my computer around the house – or at least have it in the main part of the house. Right now the dinosaur is in our “office” which is away from everything, which means the bulk of my computer time has to be spent either after the kids are in bed (which makes for a tired mommy) or on the weekend (which makes for little family time) or while Ava is at preschool and Julian is napping, which is a few hours a week. I’m frustrated. I want laptop freedom.

Maybe I can move my desk into the livingroom and the TV/entertainment center up here. 🙂 That could work.

Or better yet, anybody want to give me a laptop? I’ll be your BFF. 😉

Thanks for indulging my whiny moment. I must go now.

14 thoughts on “Got laptop?”

  1. Toshi the Toshiba is in decline so I mostly use the big ‘puter. Toshi hasn’t been the same since Lydia picked off a bunch of his keypad tops. His DVD player has died and his screen is now intermittent. I should love to replace him but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. In the meantime I’m using Mr Big.

  2. I don’t have one and don’t want one. My mom has one so if I absolutely HAD to have one while I was away, I could use hers.

    The reason I don’t want one is because I really feel like I spend too much time on my PC as it is now… I don’t really need to be able to take it with me when I leave my house. When I’m out, I need to be away from the computer!!

    I think we’re just becoming too dependant on them if you ask me! The exception would be people who need them for work.

    I absolutely HATE it when I go to the park and see kids playing while their parents are on their laptops… why aren’t they playing with their kids?!

    You’re not alone, no laptop here.

  3. I love my laptop, however it never leaves the house, it is more for mobility inside, I cannot imagine being on it while we were at a park. I do however knit while we are at the park.

  4. You’re not the only one…I don’t have a laptop either and I so long for one! My computer is tucked away back in the office, too, which means computer time only when the girl’s sleeping.

  5. guess i should clarify that i want it for mobility in the house too. i can’t imagine taking it to the park. if i leave the house with the kids, it’s to get out and leave all of the house stuff (computer included) behind.
    what i’d like it for is the times when the kids are playing happily in the livingroom and i should be updating our checkbook ledger in excel (which i’m horribly behind on right now) or paying bills online, or catching up on emails or yes, blogging. 🙂


  6. Don’t get one…. you’ll just end up using too much time on it.

    I love mine, even though it never really leaves the house, but I have it in the living room, and even if I’m trying to relax and have a night off, maybe watch a movie etc… there is always these slow moments, that I just have to check my e-mail etc. really quickly. Since the computer is right there, and it takes only a few minutes.. It’s too easy.

    I probably wouldn’t have bought one, but last year when we moved to CO, it took us a month to get our stuff (moving company) and I couldn’t do my business without a computer.

  7. I have one and I’m on it ALL THE TIME. So, just know that if you get one, it has a magnetic force around it that anytime you go near it you MUST.CHECK.BLOG or MUST.EDIT.PICTURES. I don’t regret having it, but I know that I spend too much time on it.

  8. DH got mine on freecycle. yeah, really. Its old and lame and slow, but I really only use it to store knitting patterns on my my ‘knit chair’ so I don’t have to print everything out, since I don’t like to knit here at the desk 😉

  9. I feel you! I need one too. I am thinking of asking parents and in-laws to contribute $$ intended for Christmas gifts to help defer the cost. I could get so much more done if only…. That’s what I tell myself anyway. 🙂

  10. Here’s to laptop-less blogging! I do want one, however, and last year my hubby found them for about $200 during Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). So, I hope to snatch one up this year.
    Oh yes, I know I will be a more negligent mother when I get one so I”m gonna have to be very careful. Portability can be big trouble!

  11. Becareful what you wish for 😉 I got myself a laptop, and my desktop got so jealous it ate it’s own harddrive!!

    I am still waiting for it to come back, but thankfully my laptop can fill in the gap.

    I only got it because I find my kids tend to leave me alone if I am doing something while standing in the kitchen, so I blog, knit, crochet, and eat standing in the kitchen 😉

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